We are not getting returned XP for the cost of evolving.

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Currently for survivors (have not tried for schematic/heroes), we are not getting XP we're putting in for the cost of evolving. Just recently I noticed when I was batch recycling to keep track of my survivor xp I need to max all my squads out, my survivors that I batch evolved didn't show an increase in my recycle xp refund. The evolution mats were showing correctly, but the recycling was not counting in an estimation of over 100,000 xp I used to evolve the survivors. I just checked with a survivor that was 40/50 (meaning I had evolved it to tier 5) to a survivor that was 40/40 (meaning it is tier 4) and the xp was the same. To evolve a survivor from tier 4 -> tier 5 is 13,750 XP. If I am not mistaken, we are suppose to receive 80% XP back on recycling. I'll touch up on that later. Currently recycling the tier 5 survivor who is 40/50 yields back 215,600 Survivor XP. Recycling a tier 4 survivor who is 40/40 yields back 215,600 XP as well. This is undeniable proof that we are not getting back the XP used on evolving. Using a bit of math… 13,750 * 7 = 96,250 XP used to max out a squad from tier 4 to tier 5 alone. 96,250 * .8 = 77,000 Survivor XP that will not be refunded on recycle from just values being calculated from t4-t5. The problem here is if you're min-maxing you're going to be behind a lot if you invest in purple/blue/green survivors and have them evolved. If they are 10/10 you will be refunded the full 80% since you did not evolve them. But for those in Twine who typically have their purples at 30 or 40 you are losing a hefty amount of XP if you ever decide to replace them with legendaries.



TL;DR: The amount of XP used in -EVOLVING- survivors is currently not being refunded. Only XP that is used to level up survivors are. This is either a bug or intentional. If intentional, we should be refunded the 80% (or whatever amount we're suppose to be refunded normally) XP used to evolve our survivors.

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