We can teach the new players if we try

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So this evening I had a good experiences with some noobies. Because of the matchmaking bug I've just been messing around mostly with ability builds and doing Play with Others missions in Stonewood. I loaded into an SSD, I think it was Stonewood 3, and looking around I see where the built a lot, and even some crude trap tunnels. on the Mic a 20 something guy and his kid nephew talking about the game, both of them had played BR a lot together, and got StW together a few days ago because of the sale. It sounds like they had mostly been playing just with each other in private, and only opened it up for SSDs. I listened to them talk, and they had a lot of questions about traps on building. I turned on my mic and started answering their questions, and seemed like they wanted to learn more, so I offered to show them how to do trap tunnels and funnel, just some basic time out boxes and 1×2 zigzag tunnels. They send me friend requests at the end of the SSD, and we join up and load back into that storm shield. We proceed to make over the whole thing, I show them how to build around amplifiers, how to do sandiches and funnel, and I demonstrate how to build basic trap tunnels, and how all the traps interacted. I showed them how to predict pathing and how to use terrain. On the first spawn, to the east, I show them examples of the basic timeout boxes and 1x2s, and I use some of my jumk traps to fill it in, and took my time explaining why I chose each trap for where and how everything works together. Next spawn I just build the walls and floors and then talked them through deciding what traps go where, I gave them a few low level traps of each time. On the rest of the fronts I let them build and decided what to do, and only talked them through the comboing and corrected obvious mistakes with explanations, and made sure there decisions made sense to them. The younger guy kept commenting about how he had no idea the game had this different approach to game play, and this was way more interesting once he got it then it was before.


We're going to probably run it tomorrow evening, the uncle had to go to work. I ended up using a bit of lower level mats, mostly 2 star, but the guys game me planks when I was running low, which was really the only issue since I wanted to use a lot of different types of traps so they see how they work, so a lot of planks for wall launchers, wood floor spikes and a broadside in each tunnel. All in all it was nice to find people that wanted to learn how the game works and a deeper level then just shooting, and I hope I got them interested enough in the game to want to stick with it. Most of the time if I find people on mic they're usually speaking another language or some shrieking squeaker, so it was nice to meet people that just want to play the game and learn. I will probably do this again when I can, it's fun teaching people.

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