We desperately need bonus for active players.

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - We desperately need bonus for active players.

Today I reached my quota of useless teammates that do not participate to the mission and just gave up.

For three years, Epic did not do a simple thing to reduce the helplessness that players face when matching with three random that are literally doing worse than having a defender. Reporting does not work, some names of previous teammates mysteriously disappears from the list once the game is over (and I never had a report that action had been made for more than 6 months now).

So what can be done to avoid people doing nothing? Epic will not give tool to the community to manage itself but does not manage the community either, leaving a plethora of toxic behaviors that are sure to hinder the community in short and long term.

Here is a list of things that could be done to both entice player to participate but also would discourage some bad behaviors:

  • Increase side objective team rewards, if for a four player, a single player does a side objective, the rewards are halved. If all four members are doing it, rewards are doubled or less. For a single player doing a mission, the rewards are still x1.
  • Player objectives: Right now, the objectives are only common for the team. All players, even the one that has been doing nothing but ignoring the objective gain the same. This is completely unfair. For each mission, players should have a stack of side objectives related to the main objective (laying crafted traps of appropriate level around objective, constructing around the objective, escort bomb for x meters, gather blueglo, defending objective for 5 minutes). If a player cannot fulfill single player objectives, no alert rewards and any loot gathered during the mission is lost.
  • The storm should be deadly and around the objective during the defending phase (like retrieve the data). When a player step out of the shield, he gets slowed down, lose health way faster the farther they are from the objective. It would discourage farmers to go out during the defense, and for players that really need to go out to get an annoying lobber, it will still be manageable)
  • The survival mechanic does not exist. This is one major hurdle as if you are down you can either respawn here or at the spawn point. In multiplayer, a downed player should be just down waiting for teammates help, no self revive. While playing solo, the old mechanic with a number of revive depending on the difficulty level should be kept.
    If there is no more revive, the team (or the solo player) fail the objective. As more teammates are alive at the end of the mission, there is a bonus for number of teammates alive (better chest?).
    This would force player to be more careful about their health (we have a good amount of option to regain health and would change the gameplay to be more oriented on survival)

Of course some problems will still be here, but rewarding active players is A MUST since they sometimes have to carry a complete team. It is a bit difficult (with STW current tool should be totally doable), but Epic would be better off with having a better player base.

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