We know it’s a lot to ask, but please read our State of the Subreddit Post!

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Hi Everyone,

From our last post, we are looking to continue to update rules to better align with our sister sub, /r/FortniteBR. Please see below all updates to the rules. We are also looking to add more moderators to our team

Support Requests

This was up for debate and discussion on our last post. After much discussion, we have decided to remove all support related request involving account ownership, hacking, and transactions. We understand that sometimes it takes a highly upvoted post to warrant a response from Epic. We all can agree that Epic could improve on the response time of their customer service team.

The bottom line is we do not want this to be a help support forum, nor should it be. This subreddit should be a place where people post their game strategies and funny clips. This was a tough call to make by the team, but we feel that the subreddit can do better.

Giveaways, Surveys, Charity

Over the last few weeks we have seen and removed a ton of posts relating to this. To clarify on this rule, all giveaways, surveys, and charity items will only be allowed per moderator discretion. If you wish to submit one, you will have to send all the details via modmail, where it will be reviewed and confirmed or denied. On a case by case basis, we will inform you of what needs to happen in order to be approved.


The use of the word "petition" or any variant, has shown to be a karma farm comment that takes little effort. Threads that include phrases such as "Petition to have Epic do this", will be removed. We feel the community can do better than these low quality karma farm posts. Feel free to post your ideas that are well thought out.

Interested in Becoming a Moderator of r/FORTnITE?

With the impending launch of Canny Valley in 5.1, we're looking to add a few more moderators to the sub.

We are looking for people who are passionate about Fortnite and are willing to dedicate the time to assist with the daily tasks keeping the sub running. It's a lot of menial work but a job that needs to be done. We are looking for the following:

  1. Any time zone worldwide
  2. Minimum age 18
  3. Love Fortnite

If you believe you have the free time and dedication, please apply at the link below. We're looking to bring mods on quickly!

Apply Here

New Mods

We would like to officially introduce everyone to our newest moderators from our last round of applications.


Im 19, I live in Australia and I am currently studying Network Security. My hobbies are playing video games, doing maths and watching videos on youtube. I'm usually quiet and stick to myself, but when in a group project I am very co-operative. I consider myself very relaxed, easy going and friendly.


Hey, ImAConstructor! I main a constructor! Who would have thought? I have been playing fortnite since day 1 and haven't missed a day except for work trips. I'm heavily active on reddit as well as fortnite itself. I don't want to toot my own horn but…I am a bear & my moneymakers shaking! I'm open to any and all questions/messages so please…slide into my DM's!


Hi. I'm /u/blublublah, (pronounced "blue-blue-blah") but most people call me blu or blub. I'm from Hawaii, and I do my moderating from a grass shack. I began playing Fortnite in December 2017. I started with Battle Royale but eventually made my way to Save the World when I was given a friend code as a gift (thanks NessMan9). I've preferred the PvE mode ever since. I'm also an avid bacon collector and professional medkit finder.

I have experience moderating on Twitch and several small gaming communities on Discord and Facebook. I look forward to working with the mod team to improve the subreddit and prepare for the free to play release of Save the World later this year. I know it's a lot to ask…but shoot me a message if you have any questions or concerns!

-The Mod Team

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