We Need A Guild System, badly.

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - We Need A Guild System, badly.

Hey everyone Josh here,

Recently I've been spending a lot of time on discord and I've noticed that even in the official Fortnite Discord there are still people that want to absolutely scamm the #$% out of people. E.g. I saw a post in the stw-trade section that literally said: 1000 wood Battle Royale Fallen Love Ranger Pack. Now mind you, this was in the SAVE THE WORLD section of this discord. Later on I was playing with a friend of mine and we had to go down to stonewood to do the vbuck missions. We thought we'd just do it with randoms and that it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Oh boy were we wrong; the moment we spawn in we get boxed in by some little kid who had 106's and 130's. This was really a turning point for me. Since then I've only been playing on private with a group of friends I've made. This also got me thinking, I have all these people added on my friends list who ACTUALLY play the game and try to move up through the game instead of trading weapons and all that crap. I'm not saying trading is bad it's just something that should be kept to materials.

Now I have all these people added and they're on my friends list, but I'm pretty sure not all of them are on each other's lists. While grinding out some missions we had a talk about a Guild System: a system which would allow people who have different goals for the game to do their thing and not disturb others. I think a Guild System would allow for an entire new branch for the game that would cultivate players. For example it would be a great way to implements raids and huge boss fights into the game as well. It would also allow for some sort of Pet system. Now here's how we imagined it would work:

The Guild itself: The Guild would be an extra tab in the UI, allowing us to easily access it. – A Guild can consist of 0-100 players. – A Guild should have it's own store, to which players can contribute weapons, materials and other items ( evolution mats, manuals etc.) A contribution will be rewarded if over a certain amount. – A Guild would have a ranking system that would allow for bonuses. These bonuses become more rewarding the higher up a player goes in rank. For example: Rank 1: +1% overall Gold gathering Rank 10: +5% overall Material gathering And so on. – A Guild should have it's own research lab, allowing Guild members to contribute to the Guild (Hall) to level the Guild itself up, thus rewarding all players. For example: Guild lvl 10 would allow all members to level up to rank 10 – A Guild should have it's own dungeon section in which players can team up to do Instances and Boss Fights.

The Roles:

Even though members can rank up in the Guild there will still need to be certain roles:


The Guildmaster: 1st, The Leader The player who started the Guild or who got ownership of the Guild through the previous Guildmaster. He/She will be the one who decides wether someone can enter the Guild or not. All applications go to him/her after the Secretary has handled them.

The Secretary: 2nd in Command. The Secretary is the player who invites players to the Guild. When a invite is sent out it first passes through the Guildmaster to be allowed to be sent out. The Secretary is also the one who approves or denies incoming applications. The Secretary is also the one who sets the amount of a certain item required to be given a reward.

The Chiefs: 3rd in Command 3-5 people who moderate the Guild and it's members. If something is done that is forbidden by Guild rules a player can be timed out from the Guild( meaning all current bonuses will not apply). All Chiefs will be appointed by the Guildmaster directly.

The Soldiers: All regular members. Players who can rank up, contribute and be granted Guild bonuses.

Rank will also apply to Guildmaster, Secretary and Chiefs.

Dungeons: Dungeons will be a huge part of the Guild System. This will probably be why a lot of people decide to join a Guild. Dungeons will be in new zones ( think of the Storm King Area) and have enemies designed for these zones. EarthLike monsters for caves and such and aerial husks for a sky-themed zone. Enemies will scale according to the instance chosen by the host. Groups may consist of 5-10 players who have to work together to complete the dungeon. For example: different areas with different objectives which you need to pass through in order to get to the final battle with a huge bossfight.

I think this Guild System is something we really need to keep players busy and active, and I'm not just talking about late-game players who have reached pl 131 and have done all there is to do, I'm also talking about cultivating new players who come to the game not just to get vbucks and scam people, but the new people who actually want to play the game and are currently struggling to get through the game because of these toxic people. This may be the thing that rejuvenates old players to revisit Fortnite Save The World. Now I know this is u/Magyst 's cup of tea but I think this may be an idea he'd want to patch through to the dev-team.

If you've made it this far, thank you for taking your time to read this huge concept and let me know what you think in the comment section.

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