We need a performance update for console. Here are 16 game-changing bugs (with video)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - We need a performance update for console. Here are 16 game-changing bugs (with video)

List of things broken on console from yesterday/today

  1. Shots are literally going through fully built walls and structures

  2. Audio is super broken

  3. You can shoot through rifts now – or the player is somehow on the ground even though they rifted

  4. Turbo build doesn't work at all – I can hold build with a floor, cone, wall, whatever, and other players will easily walk through them or wall replace me. I can do the same to other console players. I'm on a wired fiber optic connection so it's not my internet

  5. My cone is destroyed on his screen but still looks like it's protecting me on mine

  6. Replaced walls show that they're mine and can be edited. Except they're not mine and I can't edit them

  7. The bush doesn't have aim assist. It's supposed to protect you from a shot but there's no aim assist with it on, so you're at a disadvantage for wearing it. PC players don't play with aim assist so it's not an issue.

  8. A HUGE advantage for PC players that controller players don't have – when you hold down Mouse 1 and you're firing a gun for example, you can continue holding M1 and click your wall, floor, ramp or cone to place them immediately. On controller, you can do the same with walls when you're holding down fire. If you tap build mode, it will place a wall immediately. However, you can't do this with ramps, floors, or cones, which is a HUGE disadvantage in competitive.

  9. Aim down sight is inconsistent – either you ADS too quickly after being in build mode and it won't aim, even after you hold down L2/left trigger, or if you're walking down elevation/fall a level while holding aim, you can't ADS until you release and press again

  10. Instant build does not place instantly all the time. Also an issue where if you place a trap and there's a delay when you try to instantly place a wall or other build.

  11. Last may be placebo, but aim assist feels weaker at short to mid-range, which I haven't experienced until recently. It feels like it has 1/4 of the assist as before and is less consistent. It was never strong at long range so that's not an issue.

This is just on console, doesn't take these other issues into account

  1. Microstutters feel more common than they did before

  2. Random jump fatigue is still just as common. Unsure if this is related to microstutters

  3. Hold to swap weapons is a great idea that doesn't work correctly. Will swap the gun in your inventory when tapping pick up instead of holding.

  4. Trees that you pickaxe make sound like they've just been hit a second after you stopped hitting them – makes it hard to tell if another player just hit a tree nearby

  5. Ghost shots

  6. Frame drops – In late game situations where the server is sending a message to every other player after every single build, where there are probably a million calculations to be made, that's expected. But there are still a lot of frame drops early and mid-game.

In a battle royale that's already so unforgiving for every mistake you make, it can be pretty frustrating that the game adds so many more mistakes you can't control.

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