We need to start mass-reporting “scammer gets scammed” YouTube channels like Fresh Panda, Dan7eh, Twine Cheeks and Magical Gamer to make this issue go away. Epic Games has proven to be useless in stopping one of the most toxic subgenres of gaming as a whole.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - We need to start mass-reporting "scammer gets scammed" YouTube channels like Fresh Panda, Dan7eh, Twine Cheeks and Magical Gamer to make this issue go away. Epic Games has proven to be useless in stopping one of the most toxic subgenres of gaming as a whole.

It's time for the media-run reign of terror on Fortnite Save the World to end. Epic Games will not bring down the source of some of the most toxic and irritating players, so it's time we go to YouTube about it. At the very end of 2019, infamous

for posting videos violating YouTube's policy that prohibited content depicting harassment, bullying, or threats. The video I linked is XboxAddictionz (who I will refer to as XBA for the rest of this post) himself explaining what happened. XBA's main points in this December 2019 video is that he thought his actions were sudden and unfair because there was no prior warning, other YouTube content creators were not being targeted, and he did admit to bullying but attempted to defend himself by saying that he did it a long time ago, and has stopped for several years. Two months later, in

he mentioned that 3 of the other largest trolling channels on YouTube have also had their channels completely deleted. As for the bullying, I think destroying dozens of kids' minecraft worlds entirely and making them cry for no apparent reason is inexcusable and is deserving of having a YT channel deleted, regardless of how long ago it was.

So, what does this have to do with Fortnite Save the World or "scammer gets scammed" channels?

From this situation with well-known trolling channels being taken out by YouTube themselves in early 2019 or at the start of 2020, it seems that one thing is happening. YouTube is strengthening their policies, specifically against harassing and bullying content. In the two videos by XBA, he says the reason he thinks his channel got banned was that it featured children screaming, and that YouTube thought that being featured in videos was the least acceptable content. What do we see in just about every single "scammer gets scammed!" video by these Save the World YouTubers? Kids screaming, and screaming LOUD, when all of their precious items get taken away by these YouTubers. According to XBA, in YouTube's eyes that is one of the worst things to post and a reason why his channel got taken down. Since they have doubled down, YouTube has given us the tools we need to make Fortnite Save the World a better, safer, and less toxic environment. All we have to do now – all of us – is report these "scammer gets scammed" channels under Cyberbullying & Harassment. If YouTube follows the actions and reasoning that they did when they terminated XBA's channel, they should be able to take down these "scammer gets scammed" channels as well. I've listed the 4 biggest ones in the title of the post already.


Making a difference when Epic just stands by

A better, less toxic world we're going to save is a goal worth fighting for. That's what Ray would say. 1 or 2 or 5 reports on YouTube channel wont do much. 800 will, forcing YouTube to respond (XBA had his followers spam YouTube employees on twitter hundreds of times admist the confusion of his channel being deleted, and as he said they were "forced to respond"). Now is NOT the time to sit back and get into the "other people will take care of it for me" attitude. Please, go to their channels, click the About section, and report them. This effort must have as many hands as possible if we want it to work. Take your part in making this game a bit better, to make less players that join this game just to box you and other players in trade boxes. I did today, now redditors, it's your turn. The BR community can take things out of existence with enough anger and backlash, and so can we, as long as it's at YouTube themselves and not Epic if enough of us report these toxic channels.

Need more convincing? Epic Games wont do anything about these channels either. How do I know this? Ever since the dawn of that BR game mode, it has become abundantly clear to the highest capacity that Epic only cares about one thing; money, and they don't care about their playerbase. If they did, they would have done ONE thing over the past 2 and a half years. They would have done at the very bare minimum ONE thing that warned or tried to stop these youtubers from turning Stonewood into Scamwood. But no, they sat back and with open arms Epic let the scamming videos continue, amassing millions and millions of cumulative views, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers for the channels that produced them, and encourage thousands of children to buy save the world for the sole purpose of scamming other people to collect items, leech in missions and not contribute while they think that their 130 Gravedigger is a flex. Epic Games only cares that players bought the game and gave $40 to help make a new BR skin with, they don't care that those players are toxic, indescribably annoying, and that they drive away good players who just want to a PvE game. These scammer YouTubers aren't just bullying the children in their videos, they're bullying us, the players who just want to enjoy a video game, and are encouraging it to be done to others. XBA had over 3 million subscribers on his channel, so YouTube isn't afraid to take down the big guys either.

Tl;dr – In 2020, YouTube has stepped up the game and we can now finally take the fight to "scammer gets scammed" channels on youtube like DAN7EH, Magical Gamer, Twine Cheeks and Fresh Panda. With an updated bullying and harassment policy and the fall of several very large trolling channels, "scammer gets scammed" channels can be terminated for violating YouTube policy. This is a fight that all of us must partake in. With a large enough number of reports for Bullying & Harassment, YouTube will take action. You, yes you, ought to send your report in right now. Ray would say we're fighting for a better world this way, and soon trading and scamming will die out in Save the World.

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