We should have the original music back with the current music as an optional choice, here’s my explanation why

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - We should have the original music back with the current music as an optional choice, here’s my explanation why

I am joining the bandwagon and petitioning for the original musical score as an option alongside this orchestral one, but instead of just saying “hey I want the music back” I want to explain why I believe the original score is more appropriate in the Fortnite universe.

At its atmospheric core, Fortnite is not badass. You’re literally some random dude who we never see apart from some fingerless-gloved hands, who ran to homebase to save their life and suddenly they’re commanding a world-saving army because the one in charge of preventing the storm wasn’t ready. You’re a ragtag group of people filled both with hope and with despair. This was reflected most notably in the music.

Take for instance, the original menu theme. It reflects the above feelings: hope, mixed with melancholy undertones. It makes you happy and hopeful, yet as you really listen you’re also getting small pangs of sadness, like nostalgia, but you can’t pinpoint the source. It perfectly builds on the atmosphere in game.

And, in a second example, the old music that played when morning hit. Again, it’s hopeful and charming, yet still makes you feel melancholy.


In game, we’re hopeful because of Ray and the Heroes, but we’re still sad (our actual character, the Commander) because as far as we know, all of our friends are dead or Husks, and we only have a small handful of pictures to remember them by. Ray has also lost someone, that being Doctor Vinderman.

We’ve all lost something, but we push that sadness aside and are filled with hope with all the progress we’re making.

Now, we get to the current music. It does not match this theme at all. It’s inspiring, complex, and badass because we’re saving the world. But right now, we’re at most saving part of a continent, let alone the remaining population that could be elsewhere. We’re a ragtag group of misfits trying to find out loved ones, not the military swooping in and destroying all the opposition.

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While orchestral music is almost always well-done and beautiful, it simply doesn’t fit well with what the player should be feeling. I’d like the original music back as a default, but this orchestral makeover can be an additional option, similar to Combat Pro.

Battle Royale doesn’t matter though, it isn’t canon.

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