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I'm sure many of the people on this reddit are disappointed with their troll truck loot rolls – after all, we've been waiting on the truck llama for what, a month now? More than a month, and yet, even with 5+ legendaries per llama, people are feeling disappointed when rightfully, any legendary should be valuable.

The general sentiment has gone from 'oh wow I got a legendary! awesome!' to 'oh, another legendary with completely incompatible perks, guess I'll use it for transform fodder'. Which, while completely valid should this be Epic's intentions, is a pretty dissatisfying experience as a player. Having played Fortnite STW since founders' days, I've gone back to look at my old schematics that I generally shrugged off in preference of more interesting ones – previously, the standard was 'does it has an element?', and if it did, you were set because the other rolls were likely damage, reload speed, critical chance/damage, etc. that were usually useful enough to warrant investing tens of thousands of Schematic XP into leveling. As you could probably imagine, opening a Troll Truck back then was an absolute bonanza of semi-useful and worthwhile loot, which made for an amazing experience that made me want to save up my V-bucks for the next one! In comparison, the general sentiment surrounding this latest troll truck llama release speaks volumes regarding the current state of players' emotional reward and motivation regarding llamas.

I understand that badly rolled weapons have always been a thing – even back then, I still received some weapons with really poor rolls, such as a Monsoon with four out of five of the perks rolling Durability. But even so, for every badly rolled weapon back then, there used to be a great or at least usable weapon every other time we had the fortune of opening a legendary. I don't get the amazing rush of excitement I used to get when seeing that purple upgrade card flash orange any more because I know that more likely than not, the weapon will end up being close to unusable due to the combination of perks. Even for just this round of llamas, I opened up a Deathray, Revenant's Wrath, Wall Darts, Dragonfly, Bazooka, Zapotron, Longarm Enforcer, and Mr. Red, and only the Wall Darts and Longarm Enforcer rolled well enough for me to even consider using (no elemental, but still a workable combination of perks). I've gone back over my armoury and found that a lot of the old weapons I dismissed as being not good enough are suddenly looking pretty good compared to what I just busted out of the llama I bought this evening.

Alright, so I've gone on for long enough about the Good Old Days of Llama-Bustin', and it wouldn't do for me to just complain without offering some suggestions. Here's some things I think might help:

  • Change the rolls system to offer greater synergy between rolls. For example, one of my new weapons rolled Bonus Damage to Slowed & Snared for three of the perks, and no way to trigger it. These perks aren't necessarily bad, but we need some way of triggering the condition in order for them to be useful. I don't presume to know the inner workings of the Roll-O-Matic they have at Epic, but if there was some way to skew the rolls to synergise with each other, I feel like people would appreciate these rolls a little better. Just having one perk that said "Slows damaged enemies for 6s" would have turned this otherwise unusable weapon into an absolutely AMAZING one anyone would be envious of.

  • Remove Added Durability as a roll. Harvesting and collection has been an integral part of Fortnite since Day 1, and the need to conserve crafting materials has been of negligible outside of limited formats like Block Party/Horde Bash. It's really not difficult to collect 11 or so Ores and 30ish Mechanical Parts within the lifespan of a weapon, given that you're fairly mindful about your harvesting priorities. Most people see Added Durability as a wasted perk because even though it's not a terrible idea in and of itself (especially on Rocket and Grenade Launchers), the opportunity cost for this perk is simply too high for it to be considered valuable. (note: please don't take this the wrong way and nerf durability just to make this one perk useful, I guarantee everyone will be up in arms about this in seconds)

  • Allow the 'trading' of rolls between weapons (still iffy about this one, so take this with a grain of salt). Now, I'm sure you all at Epic have some fantastic system in the works that 'allows players greater control of the rolls on their weapons', but until we know what you have in store, we're just going to keep throwing ideas at you until we see something happen – don't take this the wrong way, please! I think a fun way to execute this would be to be able to 'strip' perks off of weapons and trade them with perks on other weapons of similar rarity – for a cost, of course. Got a legendary pistol that got trash rolls except for one? Strip the good roll off of it and put it on a weapon you want! You could charge more to swap perks of higher level or rarity, e.g. a Lv. 25 perk would cost a lot more to swap than a Lv. 5 perk, and the same with a legendary vs. a common perk, etc. You could restrict perk-swapping to weapons of identical rarity to conserve the value of Legendaries – maybe even restrict perk-swapping to between weapons of the same type (pistol, sniper, AR, etc.) if you're worried about people building stupidly broken combos such as an AR that makes enemies' heads explode upon headshot (which honestly would be amazing but also pretty gamebreaking). Similarly, you could restrict certain combinations of perks and prevent people from swapping perks from special event rewards so that you can't build a weapon with all types of element, or some other crazy combination like combining the Water Snare from the Snowball Launcher with the Water Headshot Streak from the Frostbite. I just feel like this would be a good system that gives players more control over the perks they have on their weapons, while at the same time preserving the value of high rarity weapons (since only Legendaries can roll Lv. 25 perks, after all.)

So yeah, just my two cents on a matter that I'm sure people have complained about for a long time already. I hope my suggestions make sense to you guys, and I look forward to seeing what people think of the situation of Loot Llamas, rolls, and perks in general. And as always, thank you Epic for putting up with us and making a fantastic game! I believe in you guys and I'm sure the game will only get better as the Fortnite Team puts more and more love into it. I hate to see the negativity and toxicity on subreddit get you guys down – I know making this game takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we really appreciate every minute of work you pour into this game. Keep up the great work – we love you all!

tl;dr: rolls are in a bad place and have damaged the valuation and reputation of previously amazing llamas, here's some suggestions to fix them.

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