Weapon Type Idea: Throwers

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Weapon Type Idea: Throwers

What better way to take care of a horde of husks than some sort of Flamethrower? And Since there are Elements (Fire, Water, Nature) why not throw in different types of Throwers to counter each element?

~Cryo/Freeze Thrower: Deals a day of Water Damage in a medium range and leaves a lingering ice path slowing targets. If targets are in the Cryo/Freeze Thrower Ray for long enough they will be frozen (Like the floor freeze) applying an increased damage to the target depending on their element.

~Handheld Tesla Coil: Fires several consistent lightning chains to multiple targets in front of you in a short range wide cone. All targets in reticle will be linked to each other and dealt Nature Damage. After a taking a certain amount of damage from the Handheld Tesla Coil targets will be stunned and act as a Lightning rod arcing Nature Damage to other nearby targets for a small amount of damage. To make this seem not too OP or anything like crazy, the weapon will drain your shields leaving you vulnerable to direct health damage or something like suppresses your abilities or energy regeneration.


~Husk BBQ/Flamethrower: We all know what a Flamethrower is right? Deals Fire damage in a cone in front of player. All targets in the flame will gain a stacking affliction debuff. Any Husk that dies by the Affliction will leave a small fire pool that will damage the player and other targets if walked on.

~ Plasma Thrower: Will initially fire a stream of energy balls that pierce targets and at the end of it’s short range the balls will linger around and either detonate or just be there and deals damage to targets that passes through it

Throwers will take Fuel Cells a new Ammo type that’ll take Coal with a few other materials. Thrower Durability will be less than that of normal weapons but higher than explosives (Maybe 100-150 or something like that?)

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Can’t say this would necessarily fit or would make or break the game, just thought seeing Husk Burn, Freeze, Zapped to death would be a fun thing to watch. Thank you for reading my idea! Free to comment any sort of opinions and or possible tweaks to what would make it more balanced? Please have mercy on me.

P.S I’ve been told that maybe turning these into Abilities would be better but with the different Elements I feel it would be better have them as craftable weapons.

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