Week 2 Frostnite Challenge – Thoughts from a 131 Player

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Week 2 Frostnite Challenge - Thoughts from a 131 Player

The week 2 challenge in Frostnite is probably the hardest thing I've ever seen in this game. That isnt a complaint, but a "thank you" to epic. Horde Bash was too laggy to be "hard" or "easy", and honestly I sorta slept through the level 50 challenge or w/e it was ((even doing it with people who were severly underleveled)), the original STS ((the 14 nights one)) was not hard, just LOOOOOOONG.

Was not expecting anything to be hard last night, and tried to do it first without an optimal team, then twice with an underleveled friend ((full private group, everyone was ok with it)), and only managed about 20ish minutes each time. Will go back tonight with more time to try again but man we all agreed we had a ton of fun even "losing".

Pros of Frostnite week 2:

  1. You have to work as a team, or at the very least everyone has to understand their role – cant really have one person not doing anything or it goes downhill really quick.
  2. Non stop action – even in regular Frostnite, if you're just trying for the 30/45 minute marks, you get to a point really quick where there is downtime because you have "enough" of everything to win and can slack off. Now later on that may change, I havent pushed much past the 1 hour mark.
  3. Rewards for losing didnt feel "entirely awful" – I want to say we were getting 200ish tickets around the 20 minute mark which, while yes the XP reward was not the best, at least we werent walking away completely empty handed. I didnt sit there and go "man I coulda done a radar tower and been completely better off" at least.

Cons of Frostnite week 2:

  1. Not really a problem with the mode, but Fortnite in general – the UI is very cumbersome. The biggest "difficulty" I had was in managing the inventory. All those garbo traps/guns that need to be recycled, so many clicks ((especially when you have like 2 random grey traps of the same type and you have to click on a second "yes I really want to recycle all of these" button)).
  2. Downcrafting needs a rework. This is a larger issue ((and I am thankful for downcrafting)) but its really, really, really, apparent when you're trying to quickly get a few traps up and you have 2-3 different tiers of mats you're juggling, its like "can i make this, or that, or oh crap now the wave started aaaaaand im dead".
  3. Needs a temporary shared space to move items into or a "drop all" button for the inventory screen. Was finding that I wanted to give others items, but being in your inventory for more than 2 seconds was a death sentence.
  4. Rewards could be slightly tweaked to show what you're getting for beating each wave, and it would be nice to have more reperk/perkup/slightly more XP.
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Downcrafting needs to either put all tiers of the items in your inventory crafting window ((so that you can immediately see what you have mats for and not go through multiple steps to craft)) OR need a check box to say "I want to craft at this level" so that you can easily craft multiple traps/guns of the same tier.

In any case, I am sure that lots of people beat it last night – had we had more time we probably would have, and I am eagerly awaiting getting home and giving it another go.

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