Week(ish) of Outlanders pt 2 – Gunblazer Southie guide

index - Week(ish) of Outlanders pt 2 - Gunblazer Southie guide

Gunblazer Southie – The ammo lover’s dream

We’re back with week 2 of this little series focusing on Outlanders. Here is the link to week 1 featuring Vanguard Southie.

The next Outlander in the series is Gunblazer Southie who was available through the Horde Bash event. After Update 3.5 when there were changes made to the Outlander fragment charges I felt Gunblazer had the potential to be a phenomenal hero and in my opinion that has happened. Since I picked up Gunblazer from Horde Bash he’s basically never left my squad whether I was playing as him or using him in the Tatical Slot. Gunblazer is an offensive focused Outlander, but in my opinion is also a great supportive hero with his “Llocked and Lloaded” perk that drops ammo from the Llamas.

First we’ll focus on the offensive part of this hero. Like a few other Outlanders, Gunblazer Southie has perks focused on pistols, which for my playstyle, is something I love. The pistol perks are: • Set Phasers to Kill – Increases pistol damage by 50% for 4 seconds after Phase Shift ends. • Eagle Eye – Increases chance to get a critical hit with pistols by 20%. • Extended Magazine – Increases ammo capacity in pistols by 24%. Along with the pistol perks, Gunblazer has perks focused on TEDDY and Shock Tower. • Capacitor – Increases the duration of Shock Tower by 2 seconds. • Upgraded Bearings – Increases TEDDY’s rate of fire by 50%. • Static Cling – Enemies hit by Shock Tower take an additional 50% damage of Shock Tower for 6 seconds.

Taking all of those perks into consideration makes Gunblazer Southie an offensive powerhouse in my opinion especially now that you’ll never be without charges for TEDDY and Shock Tower. If I’m doing an Encampment mission what I typically will do is thrown down a Shock Tower to take care of Husks and then Phase Shift to melt any Blasters or Takers that spawn. Plus, as a wonderful added bonus you can throw down a TEDDY to lay waste and keep any other enemies busy while you focus on the big guys. You can really find yourself in something of a ballet whenever you engage in a fight. Throw down a TEDDY or Shock Tower, Phase Shift around, throw down the other charge, and watch the Husks disappear around you! One downside (and it’s microscopic) is that just like Ranger and Trailblazer it’s important to have decent pistols to really capitalize on what Gunblazer does so well. In the Support Slot I use Ranger Deadeye for the extra pistol damage and in the Tactical Slot I’ve been going back and forth between using Shamrock Reclaimer and the newly released Shock Gunner Grizzly. I’m actually finding myself using Shock Gunner slightly more due to the increase in Shock Tower duration it provides when using a charge fragment. It really allows Shock Tower to zap so many more husks allowing you to focus on what you need to. The only other thing to keep in mind with Gunblazer Southie is that he does not come with Anti-Material Charge so he isn’t as great at farming, but you really shouldn’t be using Gunblazer to farm anyway.


Now on to the second main aspect of this hero: Ammo! You will find yourself constantly at max ammo and will also be loved by your teammates for keeping them filled with ammo too. Like I mentioned earlier, when using Gunblazer your Llamas drop ammo so you really won’t need to worry about crafting ammo when this guy is around. What I like to do in mission where you are defending an objective is to bring the Llamas back to the objective and smash the crap out of them so there will always be ammo at hand when defending. Plus, you don’t even need to be playing as Gunblazer to experience this awesomeness since placing him in the Tactical Slot gives you the same benefit.

Appearance wise Gunblazer Southie has always been one of my favorite heroes (along with the rest of the Horde Bash heroes). Something about the way Epic pulled off the post-apocalyptic look just resonated with me from the first time I saw them released. His headgear reminds me of a football helmet with a twist and his backpack has this cool electrical vibe to it that perfectly fits. The rest of his appearance has a very tattered and war worn look that is pulled off so well and very makes you feel like this guys has seen some shit.

In my Vanguard Southie piece I mentioned how I viewed Gunblazer Southie as the future version of Vanguard. In my head Gunblazer has been through the wars and has seen many of his friends perish at the hands of the Husks. Gunblazer not having Anti-Material Charge and not having the speed increase from Phase Shift, brings to mind someone who is older and a little bit wiser. Replacing the brute force of AMC and the speed from Phase Shift with TEDDY and Shock Tower perks fits with my personal lore idea that he just isn’t in the same physical condition as Vanguard, but has become more crafty and tech focused.

At the end of the day I’ve absolutely loved this hero since the first time I was lucky enough to get him from a Loot Llama and Gunblazer will probably end up being my main hero for quite a while. Next up in this series may end up being Enforcer Grizzly. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. It’s really appreciated.

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