Weekly and Monthly Challenge Quests

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The Idea

Save The World could benefit form the addition of Weekly and Monthly Challenge Quests. These quests work in a similar fashion as the Daily quests however, they aren't intended to be completed in one or two missions(cept the arcade mission, why can't you find an arcade when you're on that one). The concept is simple, preform X a Y number of times over the course of the week or month but provide a healthier rewards.

How do I start?

Weekly quests, they will just be extensions to the daily quests just with a bigger reward at the end. They will be available to anyone. The monthly quests, however, will more involved and possibly requiring things not available in all areas of the game. Ideally, this would require a commander to have at least completed Van or Astro-van? to become eligible.

Sounds almost pointless, right?

This is only part 1 of the suggestion. Part 2 is to zoom out and expend the objectives to include the whole community.

Monthly quests have community tiered rewards. As the community works together, more and more rewards can be earned throughout the month. As eligible commanders progress through their monthly objectives, those totals will be added to a community. As the pool hits varying thresholds, rewards will go out to those eligible for them.


Requirements for goodies

Once a commander completes their personal monthly quest, they will be rewarded for completing the quests as well as any tiered rewards which have already been achieved during that month. In other words – you can't get the community rewards until you complete your monthly contribution amount. Continuing to preform the same objective after meeting the personal objective will keep adding to the community pool.

Whats in it for me?

Ideally community rewards would progress to be more and more valuable throughout the month. They could include just about any and everything from exp, upgrade mats, perk-up mats, fluxes, transmutes, vbucks, llamas even. Additional rewards could also be issued to top contributors.

How do we know whats going on?

You will have a quest in your quest log, once you complete the monthly quest, it will be replaced by the community quest which can be tracked for total progression.

What does EPIC get out of it?

LARGE amounts of data.

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