Welcome to Save the World, A quick start Guide

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iNuvo here coming to you with a short but yet useful tips to get you hitting the ground running in STW. first off i would like to say thank you for taking the time out to read this post and if you would like to share some tips, go ahead and post below. lets kick this off

1.Building – once you come over to STW, you will be finding out that you will learn to create some very unique buildings, from kill boxes to pyramids, the best resource to use is metal (yes i know your rolling your eyes saying duh) but its few other reason why i only say use metal and i will explain in post 2.

2.Resourcing – This is basically the butter to your bread, you need resources from creating weapons, traps, ammo. buildings etc, now what most people wont tell you or even the game, i think the most important resource to have is Nuts and Bolts, the reason behind this is, without nuts and bolts you can NOT make ammo and a good gun with no ammo is basically useless, where can you find nuts and bolts? harvesting metal, cars, tvs, trucks, you name it, if its metal you will get the Bolts, thus why i mention in topic 1, building with metal is beneficial to the harvesting for nuts and bolts and also mechanical parts for your weapons.


3.leveling up Weapons – when you start to level up your weapons to max and are ready to evolve them to the next star level keep in mind that once you take them to that level, they will require new resources in order to be craft able, so if you are in stonewood all your weapons will take copper ore and rusty mechanical parts, before you toggle the evolve tab it will show you that the resources will change, so before you do this make sure you have at least 2-3 stacks of the new materials or just about in the new area your going to venture into i.e stonewood into plankerton etc. quick side note, its good to have at least 1-2 of each type of weapon so your not dishing out xp all over the place, so its good to main 2 Assault weapons, shotguns etc. if you get something better you can always break down your old one and get everything you pumped into it.

if anyone would like to add or create a discussion on this post feel free to do so.

This is all i have to list for all you new Adventurous seeking husk killers, See you out there.

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