Well, here it is, my feedback on the v8.50 Twine Peaks changes (and a small amount of talk on the low skill level in high Twine due to the XP boost)

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Well, here it is, my feedback on the v8.50 Twine Peaks changes (and a small amount of talk on the low skill level in high Twine due to the XP boost)

With the new mission changes to Twine, I’ve noticed the general consensus was ‘bad’, so when I logged on today, I expected really bad, but some of the things I’ve read on this subreddit today have been slight overreactions due to unhappiness. Keep in mind this is my opinion, so not everyone will agree with this. Anyways, I guess I’ll get right into it. This post is mainly directed at u/Magyst to forward to the design team, but I’m open to discussion (preferably intelligent and constructive discussion) with anyone who reads through this very long post.

First off, I feel like the current number of missions is rather limited, I understand this is to improve matchmaking quality, but it makes me have less incentive to play. My suggestion would be to increase the amount of 128, 100, and 76 missions while leaving the rest of the missions as is. This way matchmaking quality wouldn’t suffer too much and players of varying power levels would benefit of missions near their power level. Side note (mission feedback): I’m happy to see Eliminate and Collect can now spawn with mutant storms alerts, this will provide more meaning to play it. The 4p missions in Twine not always having mega alerts feels strange, I’d like 4p missions always having a mega alert to return, it is nice being able to grind 1 4p mission for longer than 30 minutes. Finally, the new changes made to the resupply mode are quite nice, a few extra bonus objectives would be nice to see to add some more variety.

Second, I have heard many complaints of the amounts of tier 5 crafting ingredients. From my experience, the only ingredients I didn’t find many of were brightcore and sunbeam, which I’d assume would be because I didn’t spend much time in caves or do a stormchest. However, there is a significant resource issue which is my next point.


Why did we not get a pickaxe upgrade if the structure health increased in these newer missions? It’s hard to keep up with these high end resources when it takes us a decent amount more time to farm them. I don’t see a need for any other upgrades like higher research, structure health, repair speed, stronger gadgets, 6 star evolutions, and such. These would literally just put us in the same exact spot as pre v8.50, but a pickaxe upgrade would be much appreciated.

Next, these missions aren’t rewarding enough considering that in the 128 missions at base husk level are 40 whole levels higher than the previous base husk level in level 100 missions. The max husk level now is 61 higher that before. Why did we not get a more significant reward increase for how significant the difficulty increase was? More gold, evolution/perk materials, and tickets would be much appreciated. From 120 to 130 tickets, really, that’s all? I feel like 140-150 would be more fitting.

Lastly, while we are on the topic of evolution/perk materials, I think most of the Twine Peaks endgame community agrees that 4p missions could use a spawn rate rework. Increase the evolution/perk material mission spawn rates and slightly decrease the amount of survivor XP gained from missions. The increase in evolution/perk materials would provide incentive for endgame players who only need that to play. The decrease in survivor XP gain would decrease the inexperienced players people have been complaining about in high end Twine, especially these new missions. To further reduce that issue I’d suggest possibly implementing commander level caps to Twine Peaks missions as well as making some tutorial aspects (elemental husk damage to certain structures, storm modifiers, miniboss modifiers, etc) go more in depth (or add them, I don’t believe miniboss modifiers are ever actually explained).

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