Well my last post was removed because I didn’t explain how I grinded the last few weeks to get to level 120.. so here’s a story of my life so this one doesn’t get removed.. this is not another afk post

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Well my last post was removed because I didn't explain how I grinded the last few weeks to get to level 120.. so here's a story of my life so this one doesn't get removed.. this is not another afk post

This seems to be one of the only places I can come to and actually be excited when I hit a milestone on the game. I put up a picture so that people can see I wasn't making this up..I'm guessing since it was not a post complaining about afk, or complaining about a button location or wrong color of pants on the character and how it triggered them and they can't live…. the mods decided that they had to remove my post. Still amazed at the same post with the straw maze or golden gnome room can be posted every week, or the fact that when somebody does afk and they show their ign it's allowed to stay up… But hey my screenshot on my Xbox of my stats is apparently bad for this subreddit…. Enough to be removed. Here is something that maybe can show some positiveness in the game that we all love. my actual stats can be found here.

Tonight I hit PL 120. In addition I maxed out my gold and got up to 20,000 tickets. It was a rough grind. Constantly playing the level 100 so I made sure I got a hundred and twenty tickets each time was tough. I solo a lot. SSD, rtd, even the cat3 storms. I also have a couple of buddies who I play with where we grind out 4 player missions. I avoid this AFK problem that seems to be plaguing the game by playing solo. This requires traps, lots of farming in private, I figured out that I can go chest hunting using a Pathfinder and generally get lucky enough to get an epic cache which turns into stuff I need to move up the survivors. Recently we got the storm king battle I've got it down to about 14 minutes. Grinding that and my 10 storms and 3 mini bosses basically every night for the last 2 weeks has brought me to level 120 on day 125 logged in. My wife started playing. She's not very good so the last two days of fortnite Mares I basically grinded her account out so that she could have dusk… Which she didn't like. Lol. I think I had roughly four days of playing her account to get her up so that she could tag along on some matches (private ones). I felt the long drawn-out story would be bragging. But I'm excited, excited for the new content excited for down tier crafting, but mostly I'm excited cuz there's a subreddit that people actually understand what's going on instead of my real-life friends saying.. oh you play that kids game that everybody talks about with the funny dancing the last man standing one… Anyway, grinding these things over and over especially any 4 x Survivor Mission I saw was not an easy task. Especially on a console I've upgraded my Xbox but I still get many of the bugs I've seen posted he recently. But I made it day 86 I hit 100 so basically 40 days to get 20 levels higher. So much XP, sometimes they would only be decent rewards for a deliver the bomb in a ghost town, I've ran into the no blue glow, The impossible location to connect the tracks. And my personal favorite not telling you the connections made in the bomb just sitting there.. but through all the grinding and all the playing and all the time spent when I got home from work and the late nights I'm prepared for 7.10 5000 gold, 20k snowflake tickets and pl 120 all in one night…. Tomorrow can't come fast enough.

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I tip I can offer you in getting the evolution materials is if you have a Pathfinder. Load in to the level 100 suburbs it's either the four player or the one a couple sections down (private only.. don't be a jerk). If you load in turn on your Keen eyes and start looking either the clock tower, the graveyard or a couple different roofs…especially the house that has a tree fallen down in it, you can usually find these chest in a few minutes if you open the chest usually you'll get something cool like an evolution cache Sometimes it's an epic schematic and sometimes it's perk up chache. I do still get the blue schematic cache… Equipping eagle eye has knitted me a few double loots on the cache. if you load in and then load out as soon as you find it or possibly run over and hit the storm chest if you're low on your Sunbeam or britecore. you can usually get about five of these done in an hour. it's how I farm Evo cache. I seem to get a ton of storm shard which at first I kind of hated but bringing everyone up to five stars it came in handy… So this has a long story, even a pro tip and I provided links and stats so that you know I'm telling the truth. Let's hope this met all the criteria… If not here: Oh my God I play on Xbox there so many bugs. I using outlander and I spent half the match today looking like Captain EO or Mario when he grabs a star and he starts blinking those purple colors. the Xbox wouldn't stop lagging and I was constantly punching stuff with my AMC only to have it break seconds after I was done with my punch. I had that rubber banding thing going on where I'm moving and then all of a sudden the screen resets and I'm back two houses earlier…. I still get that bug where any time there's a blaster it seems like I run into an invisible wall that moves me side to side.

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So my post has a whole bunch of things. it lists many bugs found on Xbox it explains how I grinded to get to level 120 and what I did to make sure that I saved up enough tickets to have 20 thousand. so from what I can tell by reading the rules to this page I have more than enough things with stood to qualify for a post.. if not let me do one last thing

There are so many AFK so many leeches and so many griefers.. epic when will you do something we've been waiting since forever


Mods took down my short post because I didn't have a story explaining what I did. just simply how many tickets do you have and look what I hit tonight. Apparently AFK post showing the IGN is cool, but a picture a guy puts up showing his inv so you don't think he's lying isn't. so I made a long story explaining how I got to pl120, 5000 gold and 20,000 snowflake tickets tonight, I also included about five different things to ensure that it touched on many things that were allowed in this subreddit. I'm ready for 7.10 and excited!

Edit: this isn't a brag I just kind of had to go in detail so that the post wouldn't get removed. Go check out the other posts on the page that are showing IGN's too. Oh and my grammar is horrible it's late I've been playing all day and good night!!

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