Welp… Time to teach punk a lesson

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Wall of text incoming. I apologize. TL;DR at the bottom

Last night I hopped into my nephew's party to see if he needed help with any missions or SSD's. As soon as I joined, there was a bunch of autistic screeching and the word scammer being yelled back and forth. Well, I guess my nephew wasn't paying attention and didn't realize I had joined.

So I sent his friend a message saying don't mention I'm here (his friend and I play for honor together) and sat there and listened to him be one of the most toxic stereotypical BR fu*ker for almost 10 minutes. Don't get me wrong, he's a 12 year old and I understand that, but he's been getting worse and worse over the past couple of months. I mean seriously, I wanted to slap box the shit outta this kid last night and I'm still tempted to do so next time I see him ?


I'm PL88 while he's just now hitting PL29. I haven't decked him out in all 82's or given him stacks of malachite, but if we're on together I'll drop him some 58's and some silver and I've constantly told him to not trade. Well after he leaves the party me and his friend talk and apparently this is an every day thing. Scamming. Scammer get scammed. Begging randoms for Canny taxiis. And thanks to the dupe glitch apparently his inventory is stuffed with 130's and tier 5/6 mats. I just got off the phone with his mom and have permission to access his account while he's at school because apparently fortnite is becoming a bit of an issue offline as well.

Gonna hop on my second Xbox and dump his whole inventory onto my fiance account. I'm thinking replace everything with legendary patrol wards, stop sign axes, and any other suggestions y'all may have? Gonna be farming today so I can leave stacks of rusty, copper, and rough. If anyone wants to contribute then by all means ?. Told his mom to be ready for a stage 5 meltdown this afternoon.

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TL:DR Discovered my nephew is one of the most toxic players I've ever encountered and I'm gonna do what most of us wish we could to these players.

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