What Do You Think About How Events are Handled in STW?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What Do You Think About How Events are Handled in STW?

As we approach another major update (11.0) I wanted to get others opinions on how events are handled in Save the World. Specifically how event heroes and weapons are handled. Up to this point events introduced a new set of heroes and weapons obtained either through completing event quests, from event llamas or from the event store.

If you are actively playing the game during an event you will likely get most or all of the event items depending on how much you play. However what happens if you miss an event or are unable to play for a week or more? What happens if you start next week and miss the Rad event?

Prior to the hero re-work (in the 8.0 update I believe) missing an event was probably not a major issue. Many of the event heroes were reskins of previous heroes and many great hero loadouts could be made with just the base heroes. After the hero re-work this has not been the case. I have two accounts. My main has every hero at 130 so I have no issues making hero loadouts but my alt account doesn't have every hero nor do I have the resources to level many that I do have. That account is in Twine and PL99. I can make 2, maybe 3 decent hero loadouts but they are not that great.

Anyone starting today or even a few weeks ago would be in a much tougher position. They wouldn't have Blast from the Past, arguably the best team perk in the game, and they probably won't be able to get it until next July at the earliest. In a few months they may reach max level and want to play whatever challenge is available but be unable to do so not because they lack the skill but because they lack the tools (heroes and possibly weapons).


Life's not fair but this a PvE video game. Is it fair to prevent players from having access to previous event heroes (and weapons) because they just started or missed a week or two along the way for a year or more? I think this will be a big problem when the game goes F2P. An influx of new players that cannot access the meta heroes or weapons for up to a year will be a big turnoff.

I'm not suggesting that we just sell them all in the store or make them all researchable but why not give players a chance to earn them? Perhaps add mini quests a few months after each event that are available after different milestones in the main quest line so players can at the very least earn event heroes and the team perks that come with some of them. For example allow players to obtain First Shot Rio if they completed Canny SSD 5 by eliminating 1,500 husks in a Ghost Town with an AR or Soldier? It would be a little bit of work to earn her (or any other hero) but for those that really want a specific hero they missed there would be a way to put in the work to get them.

Maybe also add a random previous event weapon to the weekly store instead of the same base weapons over and over again or what about letting us vote to bring back a previous event hero or weapon to the store every other week or once a month?

What do you guys think? I understand there needs to be an incentive to stay with a game and not walk away and come back 6 months later and be able to catch up instantly but is it fair to withhold things for a year or more?

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