What do you think about MMOfying Fortnite?

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I can see how Fortnite can grow even bigger if it goes into the MMO roots. MMOs for me are games not only about progression and community, two things that Fortnite already have but also about giving players many ways to play and enjoy the game without necessarily being the core aspect of it (PvPers, PvEers, Hardcore Co op PvE challenges, Casual Grind etc.)

I am not suggesting changing the core gameplay of the already existing modes, but rather adding new ones that bring everything together. Here are some things that would make Fortnite the perfect game for me (disclamer, I am a BR player looking to buy StW eventually so my perspective of StW is limited):

  1. Main Hub: A big central city where there are vendores for both PvP and PvE activities (shop items). 50-100 people at any given time with some golf and basketball places, discos and generally community based activities. The city is just a big map and from there you can go (load) any other mode.
  2. Existing PvE and PvP: StW and BR as they are right now.
  3. New PvE and PvP:
    1. Open World PvE invesions of husks with 20-50 people fighting them and pushing them 24/7. World bosses as well.
    2. PvP Deathmatch, something like respawns, materials disapear after 5 seconds in order to not clatter the area, map like Tilted Towers. Mats auto generating like mana instead of being harvested, the map is not destractuble.
    3. PvP Siege: Something like World vs World, see Camelot or Guild Wars 2. It resets every 2 hours, and there are still respawns. 2 Siege Castles.
  4. User created maps:
    1. Users can create and share maps about mini games: Parkour, Race tracks, Ice skating (new ice traps on BR), trap mazes, trasure hunting, mini golf etc.
    2. Housing: users own a map that persists and can be visited anytime. This is their personalized area where they can build anything and store trophes or purchase items like ATKs, Basketball hoops etc.

The perfect MMO for me should have everything:

-Progression system



-Frequent Updates



-Player customization

and Fortnite has all of the above in one way or another, but it can do so much more! What do you guys think?

Edit: Fortnite World sounds quite ambitious but also fitting.

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