What Happened to that Husk? [Original STW Story]

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What Happened to that Husk? [Original STW Story]

This is a what-if story, for if Husks transformed into the Fiends from BR, involving the Save the World main cast.
The commander sat in the Homebase break room, a can of cold cola in their hand. They cracked open the top, taking a sip and sighing in relief. Across Homebase, there were few rooms for relaxation and pleasure, and the break room was one of those few. Filled with a snack-infested fridge, pool table, and arcade cabinets, when the survivors at Homebase weren't working themselves to death, they enjoyed themselves there. As the commander took another drink, there came a feverish knock at the door. Getting up, they opened the door to see a panicked RaY and Director. "Commander!" RaY yelled, covering her non-existent mouth with her hand and clearing her throat. The Director cut in, his hands behind his back. "We, erm, seem to have an issue. You're needed in the observation deck immediately. Follow me." The commander set their drink down and followed the Director and RaY to the observation room.


When they arrived, the Major, Clip, Dennis, and Lars were watching the footage from the field, focused on a particular screen with Ramirez's point of view. Everything seems normal, the commander thought as Ramirez peered past the rock she was hiding behind. There was a rift and a husk, so everything should've been normal. "Commander, look!" RaY whispered loudly, hiding behind a chair and hesitantly looking from behind it. Ramirez raised her rifle, ready to shoot the husk, before it walked up to the rift sitting there. It began to suck it in, and quite unwanted, it seemed, as the husk attempted to run out, it's mouth open in terror. The rift began to grumble, and a purple aura emanated from the center. After about ten seconds, it slowed down and a dark-purple foot stepped out. Ramirez raised her rifle once more in alert, waiting to see the entire figure. The creature finally stepped out into the light, and everyone in the observation deck either gasped or cringed. The being, about Ramirez's height, looked around, fueled by a primal rage. It finally noticed the riflewoman, screaming and running towards her, flailing it's arms in front of itself in order to reach her sooner. She began to fire her automatic assault rifle, and the creature absorbed all the bullets. "Ramirez!" RaY anxiously yelled into her comms, "Signal the airstrike!" Ramirez grinned and pulled out her remote, marking the airstrike. A large drone flew overhead and dropped the bombs, the new husk screaming in pain and melting away, When the dust cleared, all that was left was a dark spot on the ground, as if lightning had struck. The deck was filled with silence, before Dennis yelled, "What the hell was that?!"

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