What I believe could benefit STW for both the players and the developers!

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What I believe could benefit STW for both the players and the developers!


(For those who are low on time or cannot be bothered to read this entire post, I have attached a summarized version of it at the very bottom. However, I would suggest that you read the full thing to get a better understanding of my view.)

So, recently me and my friend have been talking about the current state of STW, and we have both been thinking about ways that Epic could improve STW for both the players and themselves. So, I have decided to merge two ideas together that would improve the cosmetic experience for STW players, while also allowing Epic to make a large sum of money from it.

No. 1 – Implement a Save The World item shop with cosmetics that can also be used in Battle Royale

Many of you may know that Epic said that there would likely be a STW item shop in the future, which has not been released. However, I think that it would be a great feature to implement. First, we need to think about how much it has to offer for the players. For casual players who just want cosmetics that don't really care about the proportions of the outfits they are using, a STW item shop will open a door to hundreds of more cosmetics for them to enjoy in game for both STW and BR. For the competitive players, a STW item shop will allow them to use outfits that give them an even bigger advantage in the battlefield. I mean, the Outlanders and Ninjas are even slimmer than any skin in BR that I know of. Now, how would Epic benefit from this? Well, it's another item shop with even more cosmetics for players to enjoy. Having this on top of the current BR item shop would rake Epic even more money for the company. Also, skin collectors will have a blast with a STW item shop. Two Fortnite content creators, I Talk Fortnite and PIZO, have both said that if a STW item shop became available, then they would buy every cosmetic that was featured in it because they are skin collectors, which would give Epic a ton of money. Now, you may be thinking, "But Save The World is locked behind a paywall, so not many people would be able to access it." Well, here's my solution…


No. 2 – Making Save The World free to play

Yes, my solution is to make Save The World free to play so that all players can enjoy these cosmetics that are featured in the item shop. Now, Epic have anounced that STW will remain P2P, but who's to say that they won't change? I mean, they changed STW to be P2P instead of going F2P, so they could revert it back to their original vision of STW being F2P. If Save The World went F2P, then all players would not only have access to this awesome item shop separate from that of BR's, but they would also have access to this really cool game with over a year's worth of content to offer. Now, with this in mind, you might be wondering, "But what about the Metal Team Leader pack and the other packs that will follow it? Will they just be regular old packs without STW included in them?" Well, I think not. In my opinion, if STW went F2P, then these packs would have to have their price lowered to maybe somewhere around 16.00USD (12.99GBP). However, even if the price of these packs are lowered, the price drop would go unnoticed by the amount of income coming in from the STW item shop.

What would combining these things do?

Well, to put it simply, a STW item shop in a F2P STW would mean tons of money for Epic and more cosmetics for the community.

I have a job for you to do

Please, if anyone knows any of the moderators for this subreddit that are also Epic Devs then please link them in the comments so that they can see this post. If they see this, then it might happen.


If Epic made a STW Item Shop and also made STW Free To Play, then they would rake in a ton of money while us as players would have more cosmetics to enjoy in both STW and BR.

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