What is it with the fortnite community?

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What is it with this community and for what reason did everyone become toxic as hell in a year and a bit? Some people in this community thinks reporting people for hacking or anything similar makes you a pussy.. You get automatically called names because you play the game a certain way. I like going for kills in game but that doesn't mean those who don't are noobs or wack. It's a battle royale you can literally do whatever you want to do to win a game. Streamers get hated on because it's cool to hate on them, discrediting all the hard work and hours of practice they've done. Y'all pit streamers against one another. Youtubers purposely paint some streamers in a bad way by editing clips. The Fortnite community is the only community I've heard say to people who make money off of this game " You make too much money, you don't deserve it" How the fu*k do you make too much money? Half the little kids playing this game think they own the world because they label themselves "pro players". Fortnite drops item seasonal item shop skins (Skully, Nog) On Halloween and xmas month respectively and some of y'all lose your shit at epic for what reason? For doing their job? SOME "OGs" think they're hella special because they literally downloaded the game early and played a few matches before everyone else. Anyone above the age of 16 shouldn't give 2 flying fu*ks about an item shop skin dropping, there are literally better things to worry about. Like what is it with some of y'all? Lose touch with reality, it's a GAME.


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