What is the current trap meta? What works and What doesn’t?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What is the current trap meta? What works and What doesn't?

It's been about 2-3 seasons for me and after playing for a few days due to me being extremely motivated to play this all of a sudden due to probably those shiny mythic weapons and new stuff and quarantine, I've noticed a huge change in the way traps are used compared to the last time I actually played this game, which was when gas traps were still on the throne.

To give some basic info, I'm PL 124 and my gas trap and wall launcher have all gold perks while most of the other traps that were decent in the gas trap meta have rare/epic perks while the traps that weren't so great like the tire trap, zapper, and electric field are basically not even touched really aside from schematic level. I'm also focusing more on getting my traps perked up quickly so I don't really have to worry about them in future missions/ssds.

I'm having a rather difficult time being of use during 4 player group missions because I've got no clue on what people make in missions and I don't want to really mess it up or upset someone because I've made the wrong design or just simply that I want to contribute to me team in the right way.

I'm also very concerned with my current ssd builds because I basically followed DavidDean's builds for the most part and I'm not entirely sure if they'll even work effectively, let alone work at all. Because I want to push to ssd 10 in the near future so I can finally get some easy mini-boss kills to start the MSK quest line (currently at ssd 6 and yes, I haven't even touched that quest yet :c )

And for that I've prepared some questions:

  1. What traps have the best synergy with each other? Or in other words, what are good combinations of traps to use?
    1. I also haven't heard much about anything about wall or floor traps, I only really know about ceiling trap changes, is it still the same? Wooden floor spikes and retractable spikes alternating? And just broadside/dynamo spam?
  2. What are the changes worth knowing? As far as I know from a video, gas and broadside traps were nerfed as far as damage and for the gas trap, it's DOT was removed. Zappers and field traps were changed to energy dmg and the field trap can activate from 2 tiles. And the tire trap's tires actually follow physics (bounce around and slide down ramps), which allows them to deal multiple ticks of dmg and impact. Anything else?
  3. What's the use of the music wall trap? Aside from making beats 😛 And since I'm so unfamiliar with it, what are it's best perks?
  4. Are timeout rooms still a viable option?
  5. Is building trap tunnels in group missions still a viable option in group missions? I don't mean like a long and elaborate one, but rather smaller tunnels that only spanned a few tiles, close to their spawn. Or is building traps connecting the main structure you're defending the better option?
  6. I'm not sure where I heard it but I've heard that wall and floor launchers got a nerf? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. The anti-air trap, aside from being able to shoot lobber skulls, is it able to shoot flinger trash? And if so, would it require a dmg perk? And is it also true that it can cause massive server lag on consoles?
  8. I see people placing ramps 1 tile above floor launchers rather than directly above it, why is that? Is it because they can take advantage of a wall trap like a wall light maybe, to stun incoming smashers? Because I know that they can charge at any structure, even if it's a ramp they're going towards.

That's all I got for now, thanks for taking the time to read the post!

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