What our Avengers IW event could have been! Introducing Save the Universe

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Okay first off, I suck at reddit formatting so if you see this post to be visually unappealing I apologize in advance. Let's begin.

So as well all know, BR got a pretty sweet event where you could become Thanos and go ham on other players with some sweet abilities. It's at times like these that really makes (some) us folks over here at StW feel neglected. Now I am not writing this post to flame Epic for this, after all they've really stepped up to the plate these past coupe of weeks. I applaud them for this and look forward to the future of StW. BUT, where's our THANOS EVENT!? You made something so cool for BR Epic! Maybe you didn't have time for it. Fine. But the purpose of this post is to throw out a little idea I had a while ago while watching my sister and her friends get ganked by Thanos.

Introducing : SAVE THE UNIVERSE Now at this point , I hope I have some of you wondering, what type of game mode would this be? Well, I'll give you a hint, it will be somewhat reminiscent of our most hated event type. Please, hold back the hisses.

Yep that's right, Survive the Storm could have been made useful for once by laying the ground work for a Avengers IW themed game mode. The set up for the "story" would go a little something like this:

A carrier has crashed in one of the areas(area dependent on match pl requirement). These carriers contained 4 of the 5 stones for the Infinity Gauntlet. They were en-route to the collector or some other being capable of protecting them, but an ambush by Thanos Loyalists waylaid the ship and caused it to crash land on our messed up little planet. One of the Aliens who survived asks for the Commander and the heroes' assistance in defending the cargo while back up can arrive. Thus begins Save the Universe.

The rules of this game mode are simple and are as follows: 1.) 5 random infinity stones will spawn around the map. The remaining infinity stone will be in Thanos' possession when he arrives. For the highest difficult, Thanos possesses 2 random infinity stones and players must defend 4. It won't be as easy as it sounds.

2.) There will only be 7 day missions available(I'll explain why this is so when I go over Thanos as a boss) with the final day being an all out assault with some help from the reinforcements you were anticipating.

3.) Each of the 5(4) infinity stones that spawn around the map and that need to be defended are attached to pylons that can be activated for a short time during defense stages. Activation will give an AoE beneficial effect to players for the duration.


Time: Applies a slow field 3-4 tiles around the stone Power: 3-4 tile knock back explosion(Kind of like Heavy base, but much more dmg) Soul: Gives a powerful Heal per second effect around a 3-4 tile radius Mind: Husks are confused and start attacking each other in a 3-4 tile radius Space: Allows a long distance( 10 tiles from each other) teleport door to be placed. Allowing quick travel between two stones. Reality: Increases damage done and makes bullets not used by guns within area of effect.

4.) Thanos appears at random times during each defense stage to join the fight for the stones.


Now that I've gone over the basic mechanics of the fight, I'll now talk a bit about how Thanos as a boss will work.

Thanos will need to be killed every time he appears in order for that defense stage to end. That means if he shows up at 1 seconds remaining, enemies won't stop spawning until Thanos goes down.

Thanos will have an ability called "Will to do what must be done". This means that every time you kill Thanos, he has a chance to come back during that same defense stage to try once more for what he believes is his. However, every time this ability procs, the chances get smaller. At lower levels of this game mode, the ability will diminish through out the entire match, but at the highest level, it resets back to it's default after that defense stage ends.

Depending on the stones that Thanos already has in his possession/acquires, his arsenal of abilities will grow.

Power Stone: Either a direction beam like BR has, or an AoE shock wave like heavy base. Damages players and obstacles(player built and default alike) If using the beam, doesn't have the mind stone, and near a stone, he will direct the beam towards the stone, in order to clear a path to it.

Mind Stone : Allows him to phase through structures and reverse your controls if hit by a mind beam.

Soul Stone: allows him to leach health off of husks and players alike. Gains greater health returns from players.

Space stone : He spawns a group of husks close to the nearest stone to sabotage defenses

Time Stone: Creates a slow field that affects players

Reality Stone: Allows him to refresh his barrier.

Every time Thanos gets defeated, he drops a materials cache that contains random goodies and also drops infinity shards(like tickets, but cooler). The final time he is killed/forced to retreat, He drops schematics along with the cache.

So that's all I got at the moment. I am by no means closed to criticism and thoughts, so I would love to hear yours!

tldr: StW could have gotten a cool event involving Thanos using the StS mode as a base.

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