What Season 9 needs to bring to STW for success

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - What Season 9 needs to bring to STW for success

there are multiple things i think fortnite pve is lacking, big things.

  1. Public Cross-Platform Matchmaking

there is no reason not to have this. i play on xbox where servers are DEAD. i cant even find a v-buck alert in twine let alone a mission. the game is literally unplayable in twine because there’s barely any players. making it so we can play cross play with PC and maybe even PS4 would help matchmaking so much and twine might actually be somewhat populated.

  1. Survivor Rarity Upgrade

i don’t consider STW pay to win, however survivors are mainly obtained through llamas. i personally never see a survivor i need in llamas so i think being able to upgrade the rarity with 25-50 flux would be amazing and would fix the problem i have with having too many purple survivors and not gold.

  1. SSD Events / Missions

this is an idea i’ve had since i started playing. imagine epic not only adding new SSDs and cool missions inside the storm shield, but there also being huge either infinite or not infinite waves of husks sort of like a hordebash in your storm shield. you could have more than 4 players and it would be complete chaos. if they do this they definitely have to make it so storm shields reset afterwards or else nobody would want to do them.

  1. A Way to stop trade scams

i’m a level 105, i don’t trade obviously. but i’m tired of hearing “water jacko” this “i have 40k sunbeam” that. it gets annoying. i’m not necessarily asking for a trade system because i don’t think trading is meant to be in the game, but if STW is going F2P this year, there needs to be some changes for players to ACTUALLY play the game and not trade, get scammed, quit. not sure how they can stop it but there’s got to be a way

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if you agree let me know. im hoping this post doesn’t get lost in new as i feel like epic can get some good feedback on this post if they see it. i want STW to be in a good place for season 9 as i feel the game is slowly deteriorating of its own players. also, not to mention, but BUGS and GLITCHES. Xbox is BUGGED TO HELL and needs fixing, outlanders are half the time unplayable. other platforms also have game breaking bugs of course too, which need fixing.

TLDR; a bunch of additions and fixes epic should do before S9.

EDIT: i see that there is discussion about #2 and #4. for #2, i understand it would affect MTX sales, however, if they added a shop like BR has, it wouldn’t be a problem for that. llamas would kind of be pointless if they had that and the only players who can really benefit off of #2 are higher level players and i don’t know about you but i’m a 105 and haven’t bought a llama in ages. besides, they give our v-buck challenges, doesn’t that kind of hurt MTX anyway? they also lowered the price to 50 v-bucks AND added X-Ray llamas, so i don’t think they really care about how much it would affect MTX because BR is their goldmine anyway.

and as for #4, i already said i don’t care to trade, all i want is the community to be a better place. the scammer gets scammed videos are a JOKE. someone said we can only stop them, not epic, don’t trade at all. however, these youtube’s are making money off of exploiting a system that isn’t supposed to be in the game. this game is not ready for F2P until the trade scams are gone, if they added a trading system, so be it, but they already said they won’t a while back. i just want people to play for fun and i’m tired of doing play with others in stonewood to get my challenges done and get locked in a box the whole time just for the mission to fail due to a trade that is “more important” than his SSD.

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keep discussing; i’d love to see what you guys come up with !

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