What the heck are Perk-Ups? (Beginners guide to Perk Ups!, Re-Perk, and Weapon Perks!)

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - What the heck are Perk-Ups? (Beginners guide to Perk Ups!, Re-Perk, and Weapon Perks!)

Greetings new commander!
I'm Commander Haiku, and i'm here to teach you all about Perk Ups! and Weapon Perks! You might be wondering why I chose this topic for the contest, well its actual because of a personal reason! You see, when I first started playing the game, I pretty much understood everything besides what Perk-Up did, and how weapon perks worked! I have a feeling there are other players who are in the same boat, so I thought id share my knowledge to help out!

Below I have created an image to summarize of all the information you need!
If you find yourself needing more information, I have more text and information below the image! That way if you are looking for something quick and easy, the image is best for you! But if you need a bit more explanation ill have more info below!

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What the Heck are Perk-Ups?
Perk-Ups are items used in the game to upgrade your weapon or trap's perks! Every Ranged Weapon, Melee Weapon and even Trap Schematic has these perks that can be changed or upgraded! There are four color rarities of Perk-Ups:

  • Green Uncommon Perk-Ups (which are found in Plankerton and Canny Valley)
  • Blue Rare Perk-Ups (which are found in Canny Valley)
  • Epic Purple Perk-Ups (which are found in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks)
  • Orange Legendary Perk-Ups (which are found in Twine Peaks)

You can find Perk-Ups by completing missions and getting them via your rewards, buying them from the weekly store in game and opening a Perk Cache which is dropped from a Mini-Boss occasionally. You can view how many of each type you have by going to your 'Resources' tab!

What the Heck are Re-Perk?
Similarly, Re-Perk are another type of item that are used to upgrade Weapon perks, or change a perk entirely! You can gain these the same way you do for Re-Perk! They are basically a universal Perk currency. You can change schematic Perks by using 600 Re-perk!

What about Elemental Perk-Ups?
Elemental Perk-Ups are gained by completing specific quests underneath your "Repeatable Quests" tab. Specifically "Set the World on Fire", "Forces of Nature", and "A Watery Grave". All of which require you to Eliminate 300 husks of that specific type of element! There are 5 main elements when it comes to Husks and Schematics:

  • Water (Frost-Up!) – Effective against Fire Husks, gained from eliminating 300 Water Husks.
  • Fire ( Fire-Up!) – Effective against Nature Husks, gained from eliminating 300 Fire Husks.
  • Nature (Amp-Up!) – Effective against Water Husks, gained from eliminating 300 Nature Husks.
  • Energy – A Universal element that is effective against any Husk element type, but does less damage.
  • Physical – No elemental advantage or perks

Underneath the perk tab, you can change your weapon's element using 1500 Re-Perk and 1200 Element Perk-Ups of whatever chosen type! You can also make your weapon Energy element for 1500 Re-Perk, which does more damage to all husks type, but not as much as a chosen element! Alternatively you can make your gun Physical elemental which does +44% to husks!

What are Weapon Perks?
Each schematic has a set of perks to go along with it! These perks are used to change and alter the weapon in different ways, which as giving a ranged weapon a larger magazine size, or making traps do more damage!

You can view any Schematic's perks by clicking on the schematic, selecting 'Upgrade/Inspect', and selecting 'Modify Perks' under the 'Upgrade' tab at the bottom! This is where you can view and upgrade your weapon's perks!Weapon perks have 5 levels of upgrading: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange! In order to upgrade to the next level or color, that color Perk-Up is needed! (For example to level up a perk from level 2 to level 3 (Green to Blue), Rare Perk-Up are needed! In order to upgrade a perk, you will need the following for each level upgrade:

  • From Level 1 -> Level 2 (White to Green) = 45 Re-Perk & 100 Uncommon Perk-Up!
  • From Level 2 -> Level 3 (Green to Blue) = 65 Re-Perk & 150 Rare Perk-Up!
  • From Level 3 -> Level 4 (Blue to Purple) = 95 Re-Perk & 225 Epic Perk-Up!
  • From Level 4 -> Level 5 (Purple to Orange) = 140 Re-Perk & 345 Legendary Perk-Up!

Make sure your weapon has perks that match to the gun type! Weapon perks make a huge difference!

Thats basically it!
Perk-Ups and Weapon perks arent as confusing as they sound! I hope all of this helped you understand how they work, as I would have loved to have something like this when I first started playing! If I missed any information please let me know! I tried to have the general basics of how Perks work and how they are used!

Thank you for the contest, Good luck to every one else entered!

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