What to spend your Hero Voucher ticket on: a suggestion guide

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What to spend your Hero Voucher ticket on: a suggestion guide

So with the launch of the new season, everyone gets a free ticket, and said tickets were updated to accommodate up to season 10 heroes (And hopefully is retroactively updated as each event passes instead of like 3 seasons later again). A lot of people are asking then: What do I spend my tickets on? Well the answer is: whatever you feel like, but there are some suggestions.


  • Halloween heroes: These are literally right around the corner, so definitely don't spend your tickets on these
  • Christmas Heroes: the same kind of applies here, though it's a bit longer of a wait time. Either way, these will all invariably return soon enough.
  • Lunar New Years Heroes: Unless you REAAALLY want Wukong (who would be on the event store rather than in a llama), I suggest waiting on these to show back up as they're holiday heroes with the Chinese New year being late January.
  • Wild West Heroes: These are currently available in their own llamas and given the release structure, they'll be researchable/ in base llamas soon enough
  • Pirate Heroes: There's a couple reasons for this. 1) They're going to come back eventually as they are the slotted non-holiday set after Wild West, and 2) If you don't already have a few of these, you'd be wasting a lot of tickets on them. Blakebeard's stash requires 3 pirate heroes to make use of, 4 if you actually want to play as Blakebeard yourself. it's a very useful team perk but it's demanding on your loadout.
  • The Rest of the Blockbuster/Road trip Heroes: Raven is coming later (has a very useful "I don't have anything better" team perk), I feel like the other road trip heroes like Sledgehammer and Redline Ramirez are also going to just appear on the store soon enough as they were kind of glazed over.

Heroes to consider!

  • Rad Heroes: if you just missed this event, then I'm sorry that you missed out on some really useful team filler. Rockin Riff is an excellent buff. That being said if you want to make full use of them, you need Dennis Jr and at least 1 other Rad hero (Battle Beat Wildcat or Power Pop Penny are the most suggested) to use in support to use Totally Rockin Riff. Dennis Jr is OKAY on his own I suppose.
  • Scifi Heroes: From Season 9, Scifi set includes a mix of energy damage focused heroes. Many will suggest Cyberclops as he has a solid perk that is useful both as commander and in support. Azalea Clark is pretty interesting now, though her team perk is kind of mediocre and you need other scifi heroes to use it.
  • Historic Heroes: Dino heroes encompassed a new meta, but they're absolutely reliant on their team perk (which is obtained when you own any of them). It requires 2 Dino heroes to use, which if you want to use a dino hero in command, means you need 3 since the commander doesn't count towards the requirement. Paleo Luna and Fossil Southie are the lynchpins of this setup, while Prehistoric Izza is "ok" filler
  • Valentines heroes: I'm only semi-suggesting these as they will definitely come back at the scheduled time (February-ish). That being said, Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy and Anti-Cuddle Sarah are very useful support filler heroes who alleviate any energy problems with abilities or melee, respectively. If you can wait on them, I still suggest doing it but they are useful heroes nonetheless
  • The Previous Blockbuster/Road Trip heroes: You JUST missed these so if you wanted Carbide but just now came back, you'd be waiting for a while now, I'm sure.

These are by no means rules, just suggestions! If you really want to buy Dire even though he's coming back in 2 weeks, by all means waste your ticket.

Edit: I realize "voucher ticket" is redundant but whatever too late

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