Whats worse then an AFKer? someone who is trying to jepordize the mission. Literally.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Whats worse then an AFKer? someone who is trying to jepordize the mission. Literally.

I was doing a epic and legendary perk up 4x collect the data mission in canny valley before I had to go to school. I loaded in, and instantly was put into a lobby of 3 people. a ninja, a first shot rio, and a steel wool carlos. I loaded in as a bullet storm jonesy, went to the data drop and built around it instantly. I decided to build a trap tunnel on one side of the husk spawning locations, and the first shot rio did the same on the other side they were coming from. he eventually came to help me out, and we placed some gas traps and spike traps. the steel wool carlos comes out of no where and places down a defender pad, placing a legendary melee character on the ground in its place. this is right in the middle of our trap tunnel, and while we wouldn't mind it, because our trap tunnel set up was completely straight a propane could go off and destroy it all. so me and the rio destroyed it, because it would mess up the tunnel.

the guy playing the carlos must have some major anger issues

as soon as we destroyed it and went back to building, the carlos starts to spam metal ramps everywhere inside the trap tunnel, which was quite annoying but we figured it was because we destroyed the defender pad pretty quickly. he shot down the data as soon as it hit the 8 minute mark after spamming the trap tunnel. so me and this rio are panicking to take it all down as the husks begin to spawn. this carlos begins to spend the next 5 minutes detroying as much of the trap tunnels we built as possible, and when we ask him to stop, he simply responds with "why, im destroying stuff just like you guys did with what I built".


we have about 3 minutes left until the mission is over and it generally has not been hard at all. I had been on the data the entire time shooting areas that were not covered by the half broken traps. then, the carlos comes up and begins to edit down the walls of the data for the husks to come stright through, and the miniboss had just spawned as well. are you kidding me? So now basically all three people are trying their best to keep the walls up while the carlos is sitting there holding edits on the wall trying to let husks through, ON TOP of the fact the MINIBOSS was on us.

eventually, we did win by spam building a bit, we reported the carlos and blocked him and now me and the rio are now friends, but all of this was caused by destroying his defender pad which would have made the mission harder.

tl;dr Destroys defender pad guy built, so he spends the entire mission trying to jepordize it. we still win but it was 10x harder with this prick trying to make us lose.

Im still furious, and I think writing this a bit helped out

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