What’s your favorite commander to use with Blakebeard’s Stash?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - What's your favorite commander to use with Blakebeard's Stash?

Blakebeard's Stash has a very annoying quirk where, if you have a pre-existing club in your inventory equal to your peg leg, breaking the peg leg switches it out to whatever that next club is, killing your DPS until you go into a menu.

There is a small workaround: if your commander is supercharged, your peg legs are, too, and you no longer have the issue of equally leveled items. But this creates the question: which commander should you give the supercharger?

Big things to note:

  • Blakebeard's Stash is the most restrictive team perk (behind bullshit BASE), since three slots are pretty much forcibly Blakebeard, Barret, and Hype. This leaves only two slots for other support perks.
  • Commanders who rely on a lot of support perks to really "spec out" their builds don't work well. Most TEDDY builds, Kunai Storm builds, etc.
  • You have neither Happy Holidays nor BFTP nor Totally Rocking Out. Big ranged DPS or leaning squarely into abilities is ill-advised.
  • Breakbeat Wildcat is one of the most solid support slots for this build (Also, I feel like her support perk is broken because it gives the boon WAY before 10 kills regularly). Getting multikills with an AOE-splitting cannonball is stupidly easy, and no other support perk comes close to 50% damage and 32% swing speed.

So far, my shortlist is:

  • Buccaneer Hype: Peg Leg is the best DPS melee weapon in the game, and she's the only commander that directly buffs that further. She also has BASE, and the Decoy + Plasma combo. Blakebeard's 20% cannonball bonus is less stellar, and his Cannonball ROSIE has a painfully long cooldown to work with. Barret's 20% overall bonus is good, but I prefer BASE and Constructor perks over fragment hunting, especially with only two support slots to prop up three damage abilities.
  • Pre-Historic Izza: Even with coconuts, Blakebeard's Stash will leave you a bit flimsy at high levels. This solves the problem, and grants a BASE
  • Deadly Blade Crash: Amplifying crits cranks the DPS of this build to 11, and she gets tankiness from Shadow Stance and Mantis Leap. Also, Dragon Slash's ten-second cooldown is great for early chest farming.
  • Assassin Sarah: The same benefits like Crash, but more solidly even DPS
  • Undercover Buzz: Short cooldown abilities and double damage gadgets (Proximity Mine is way more powerful than you think) make the continuous chest harvest a breeze. Every other second is either a cannonball, Shock Tower, Seismic Smash, Hover Turret, or Mine, constantly rotating.
  • Azalea Clark: Similar tactic to Buzz, but since Shock Tower becomes a super bomb, it leaves a little more wiggle room for a utility gadget while keeping up in the damage department.
  • Jolly Headhunter: Super fast bonus damage time! Now with War Cry for more speed and damage!

Any other suggestions you might have? Leave a comment below.

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