When a founder is not a founder

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When a founder is not a founder, or how Epic is seemingly already creating a divide in founder player accounts?

So about two weeks ago
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this tweet came out and I thought "Oh hey neat. I don't play br but as I am a founder I'm glad to see some more rewards. I'll just open the game, hop into the lobby and check them out. But they're not there. I'm confused. I ask in the recent sale thread if I should have them. I am told yes, I should. I ask on the official discord. Same answer.


Here's some back story. I signed up for beta/alpha/whatever (probably way too late) on June 30th 2017 after some video on Youtube I believe. Then July 25th comes and I remember the next day "oh hey i might as well buy now since it's 'live'". On
July 26th 2017 I buy the Deluxe version of the game. It hits that sweet spot for me, and as a Canadian, was as much as I was gonna spend unless I got money at a later date. I play basically every day for a few months up until BR comes out, try one or two matches of that before I decide it's not my thing and then get side tracked by life and stop playing until December 17th 2018 (when I heard about Storm King pin).


Since then I've gotten out of Plankerton, figured out how to actually play the game, grind all the way thru the Canny story line, learn about the wonderful
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/u/toxicroach68 and start soloing my Stonewood 7-10, Plank 7-10 and Canny 7-10. Currently I am in Twine after having soloed SSD 4 just today. So you know, I've been here a while and have done a lot of stuff. Not as much as anyone that's played every day since release but that's neither here nor there right now.


What matters here is the answers I get when I go to Epic Customer Service asking why I don't have the rewards. They do the basic trouble shooting at first to make sure everything is kosher and then I get
this? Only players that have RECENTLY bought Save The World are entitled to these founders rewards. How is that possible? It's a founders reward. I am a founder. He doesn't specify you need the version with the founders chat to get it, just that…. my account is too old? That I bought in too early? Confused, I go back to the official discord and ask if anyone who bought early got it and they say they did. So I go back to customer support and ask how I, a founder, don't get these rewards and that others on the discord confirm they got it?
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This is what I get in response. I'm even more confused at this point since none of this makes sense. "Yer an OG harry butttttt you bought too early, sorry lad." So I just let myself be defeated at this point. No sense in hounding them they're probably going by the script. A few days later they follow up with "We haven't heard from you, are you still having this issue?".
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My answer is at the bottom and the top is the reply


Now you may think I'm just raising a stink over nothing. I don't play BR so what's the big deal if I dont get some cosmetics? It's the principle of it all. I am a founder. If they say "here's some founders rewards" then I should get them. Will they introduce new founders rewards this summer that are only granted towards players who buy the game at that point? Who's to say.


Basically, has anyone else experienced this? Am I the only one out here having this issue. Is it because I wasn't able to play during summer 2018 when they were introduced? (Spoilers I was literally dying in the hospital in June and spent the next 2 months after that recovering and not doing much of anything so I couldn't have played if I wanted to). If so that's dumb and clearly not a founders reward, that's a limited time reward.

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