When you, Epic Games, design new items, expect the worst from players… (Gadgets, Abilities and Other Players)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - When you, Epic Games, design new items, expect the worst from players... (Gadgets, Abilities and Other Players)

I'm posting this because using certain abilities/gadgets is a frustrating experience in this game due to other players' behavior.


  1. Constructors. That's an obvious one, you have your BASE that recycles, you fully upgrade every nook and cranny expecting to get your mats back from your own BASE. Instead, you see people camping around it. And guess what? It's usually an Outlander lol. The problem with this is that those players will less likely play with you next games. That's why I do not feel compelled to play a constructor with that ability. And even if I did, I intentionally build without upgrading at all. The Turret is also a new addition that surprisingly doesn't learn from past experiences others are having in this game.

  2. Gadgets. I like using the Teleporter to do various of things. (e.g. deploy a BEAR, use explosive weapons) But since it's movable by other players… You often get trolled and its purpose is lost. Supply Box, although it's somewhat useless now, as soon as you drop it others get your mats sigh.


When designing items with "share-able" features, Please expect the worst from other players.

I only want to share when I want to share. I don't want my items to be moved/destroyed/taken without my own permission.

Allowing others to use/take/move should be a permission thing. Something similar to how homebase building works. If I wanted my items to be shared with my teammates I'll just go to that menu and activate it. Otherwise, everything is mine, moved by me, or I can even ban others from using certain items altogether (teleporter). (not to cause them any troubles by placing it in weird spots)

If others can exploit my abilities, then let me exploit theirs :p let me use a grenadier's grenade as a constructor, or use AMC. This way :p it will be fair. But of course that will never happen. <– that's the point of mentioning it anyways

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