When You’re the only one contributing worrying about a future Kick Option

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When Voting to Kick becomes a reality, the game needs to take into account Players that contribute most like Rescuing Survivors, Building Radar Dishes, Destroying Encampments or Building on objectives. Example I did an Evacuate the Shelter Mission last night with vBucks for the Alert Reward. I'm 1st in, go to the objective, kill & start building. 2 lower Leveled Players & a 3rd appropriately Leveled player join almost immediately. They call out the Storm Chest, I say No Thanks. All 3 proceed to Farm everywhere but near the objective. After 8 Minutes , 2k Stone, 20 Traps & 80+ Building Pieces laid out, 1 Player wants to Trade. I say, how bout getting to the objective. They say " Ok Dad " and finally get there with 20 Seconds to go… no joke. I tell em I gotta go Farm to replenish & They start calling me names. I respond, "Imagine defending nothing You 3 PoS" So here's my thought. If kicking were a thing those 3 would definately try to kick me for being the only adult there, but if the game had guidelines to follow and give contributing Players more votes equal to their contribution & a top 'Safe Spot' then I'd be all for it. So if I were in the same situation & the 3 scavengers tried to kick me, the game would tally who's contributed more, put me in the ''Safe Spot" and give me 4 votes. So then the 3 have to turn on each other with my vote being the most impactful still… Some day Epic, some day


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