Where are we going Epic?

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Where are we going Epic?

We go over the same cycle over and over again. This is the last time I am paying Epic for something.

Usually I buy games because I enjoy them and want to support the team, and STW was the FIRST one where I even bought in-game currency (such a mistake…).
Now, after more than 2 years, we still don't know what is Epic vision for STW:

  • What do they expect for the first release?
  • What are the features that hold them back from going free to play?
  • What effort is actually put in the game?
  • Why do they make decisions without discussing it with the community?
  • Why do we have months without any communication?
  • Why did they remove patch notes?

What we actually know is actually through their actions:

  • Having fun with game mechanics is apparently not to their taste: it is now very difficult to fight mid-air with the spectral blade heavy attack, launching smashers -which was hilarious- is not possible, trap tunnels are being (VERY) slowly nerfed.
  • They don't think ahead in ressource management for players:
    • In-game material gathering is never balanced: Expeditions for traps STILL give two star traps, and none of them have quartz, quartz is so scarce and required in lots of traps, batteries are the same, duct tape is never used.
    • Homebase storage is still smaller than backpack
    • Reperk are needed for changing perks and upgrading it, and you gain so few of it in the missions. Perk-up gain was boosted after several months of not getting it right (and you still not have enough to up a perk to legendary with 4 players 4 atlas 140 mission, really??)
  • We get bugs that are not solved for MONTHS, we still have bugs for YEARS that are: not solved and not listed (hello deliver the bomb bug)
  • No information at all about what the release would look like: clear sign of Epic having no idea what to do with STW (or they know, but can't say it because we are not going to like it)
  • No proper software development practises:
    • We are just lagging behind BR versions, seasons don't mean anything for STW, sometime our patch has even less content than a content update (so the number 11.30, 12, 10.4 means nothing) . This was mentionned by Epic by saying 'STW is no longer tied to BR releases'.
    • No proper patch notes. Really? Can't keep track of the changes in the game? For season 12 the report was a bit more consistent, maybe they are changing on this?
  • No proper PR or communication:
    • We had downtime, game-breaking problems, were promised compensation and explanation. Got none of those.
    • Stripping away the contents of the upgrade packs that people pay for, compensated with one llama (which has literaly no value now) and no explanation.
  • Cheating is apparently one of the game mechanics that Epic is totally ok with, duplication glitch is still doing great and people that used a bug to gain millions of reperk/perkups are still untouched (just look at leaderboards in fortnite db).

I am missing some points obviously. In the following months we should have a statement about why free to play is not out yet, that it will come 2020 (sure.). In this they will probably say that they need to have better communication (for the Xth time).

Will the community welcome the statement as usual and let it go for another year? No idea. But I am quite fed up with this abusive behavior of Epic. I still love STW though…

My question to Epic after all of this:

Where is STW heading to?

At this point we deserve at least something else than 'Something amazing will come this season'. I don't care about this season, I want to know the plan for the game in general! After several YEARS of development you should have an idea of what STW is heading to. Not like they will answer, right?

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