Where is STW Going?

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Where is STW Going?

This is a long rant…. thanks in advance to anyone that makes it through.

here is a TL;DR – STW needs to stop doing once and done content, and start putting something in the game that lasts longer than 4-8 weeks.

Frostnite was, in my opinion, a huge shift in design compared to anything Epic has put out for STW before. Other than the 14 day STS, the 30 wave Frostnite was the longest map in the game to date and easily the "most intensive" – heck even the 14 day STS you had 8ish minutes between waves if you HAD to get up for a minute or three. While there are days I can and do spend 8-10+ hours playing on the PC, I dont particularly want to spend 2.5 hours stuck to my PC without the ability to take a break ((which is what drew me from Mythic Raiding to Fortnite in the first place all those months ago)). But I'm also a completionist so I tried over and over to get it done, and after many 25ish wave defeats, got invited ((99% carried, and very appreciated)) to go to a run and beat it.

After it was done I decided to take a little break from Fortnite – checked out Anthem ((great combat, awful everything else, but "free" with the origin pass so meh)), and then Warframe.

Warframe I've played before since it launched but never really "got into it" ((again, too much WoW)). This time I figured I had a week or two before Fortnite 8.0 so I really started to go at it. Holy wow, the amount of content in that game is staggering. Now I get that it has like 5 years of being out compared to Fortnite, so yeah its going to have "more" content, but it got me thinking…

If I invited a friend to play Fortnite tomorrow, even if they played 12 hours a day for a month there is content that they will never see, meaning they wont really get to experience anything beyond the map types we have unless a specific event is out.

Horde Bash, STS, Frostnite – these should all be standard pins on the map that people can go do if they want to. Content should revolve around improving/refining them while adding more things to do. Heck, let us do like SC2 does where we can add specific mutators to the map to make it harder/worth more XP. Fortnite puts out good content, it just doesnt KEEP IT AVAILABLE. Yeah I get it, they want people to constantly play – buuuuuuuuuut that leads to people going "welp, missed some things, Im done" rather than "oh cool took a break, came back WOW lots of stuff to do".

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And speaking of XP – can I stop getting survivor XP? Please? I have a few million I have nothing to do with and I hate doing maps that have it as a reward. While we are talking about rewards, again back to Warframe. The other day I saw an alert up on a map I hadnt opened, so I asked for a taxi and found a guy to take myself and a friend there. My friend accidentally force started a different alert… we just did it. No one raged, no one quit. Then we did the "real" map we wanted. My point here is that in Fortnite that would have NEVER happened because of the hard caps on alerts per 24 hours you can do. There have been numerous times I've had groups go "sorry, dont want to help with X map, only have 1 alert left and not spending it on that reward" or "I missed the mythic lead reward cause I was playing all morning, well FML this sucks". I mean how pissed would you be to help a complete stranger with a map then turn around and miss out on a Mythic lead or legendary survivor cause you were out of alerts?


The alert system needs a complete rework – in fact the entire reward system needs a complete rework. Before 4 player maps came out, you could scan the field for a few maps worth doing. Now if its not a 4 player map, its basically garbage. Why dont we get scaling rewards on regular maps if we up them to 4++ difficulty?? It makes no sense. OH MAN MORE GOLD… can we just move all rewards to gold then and you just purchase XP/evo mats/etc from the store after missions? At least then I could be grinding perkup while my lower level friend grinds surv XP.

Going back to Warframe again… you can pretty much do any of the leveling content solo. But hey guess what, if you play with others you get a bonus to XP. Compare that to Fortnite where every map requires 4 people or you are penalized either in powerlevel, materials spent, time spent, and face a very real possibility of losing the map and 99% of the rewards/quest completions you got on the map due to sheer dumb luck. It is so absurdly silly that we're penalized for not having a full group, but because of how the game mechanics work we're also penalized for people doing things on the map without us. If I'm building the base and you're doing the storm chest, why cant I wander over and pick up the loot after its done? The answer is "cause I didnt participate" which I get, that makes sense, but maybe I wanted to and you just clicked it and didnt give me a chance to get there? Or what about looting a T5/6 Cache – if you are more than 10 tiles away YOU GET NOTHING! But the game pretty much wants people to wander around on their own before they get to the objective, so like….. ????

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Let me end with the following: I love this game. I have loved this game since I saw it being advertised all those years ago. I've played it every day since it launched last year, and I am pretty sure I have close to everything in the game. This is not a complaint that Epic hasnt done an amazing job of making updates/changes to the systems since it launched, and I 1000000% feel like I got my "moneys worth" out of Fortnite ((including BR, which I am awful at but still enjoy a game or three here or there – for real, any of you who hate BR "because its not STW" or some silly reason, give it a shot, play the team rumbles, the game is a blast)). Just, I feel like this game could be SO MUCH MORE with just a little different approach.

If you made it this far thanks for reading.

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