Wholesome Fortnite (My story)

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Here is my story

I came from Battle Royale, Lv 100 on Season 3, been not too happy on season 4 but still playing. I always had something tickling me about Save the World and been in the verge of buying it lots of times, but waited for a sale. After lots of wondering and researching, I found about the problems within the game (leechers, AFK, taxi, trade, etc). Still, decided to buy ("lemme try and buy, so I save the coins for Battle Royale"), and started playing 2 weeks ago.

The thing is, turns out I am in love with the game. It is so well built, the mechanics are very complex at the beggining but easy to understand after a while.

I never traded, always ignore trades, and try to not be the guy who people complain about, try to do my missions and stuff.

When I was playing 4 days ago, I had gotten the Archeolo Jess (which i liked, since I didn't have a pathfinder one and now i do for farming). Then, I joined a mission of my level (Plankerton) with a Constructor on higher level (60 or so) already in it. I wanted to farm, so I went to him, called him on chat and dropped 2k of good materials (brick and metal). He immediately said thanks and told me I was playing outlander the right way. After that I went to farm materials and when he dropped the balloon we did the mission together.


After that we discovered we were from the same country so we could speak our own language so the conversation went more fluidly. We even discovered we are on the same field of work (I am a surgeon he is a Med student) We played a lot of quests together, me farming the materials for him to use on the quest and save on the storage. I also learned a lot about the game playing with him.

Since I don't have lots of good schematics I asked for a weapon I could pay the materials, so he made one for me, said to me to keep the silver and stuff and even gave me more because I was honest. After that he even gave me 2 lv82 weapons without me even asking for it. I didn't even used yet, saving for a moment I would actually need. After that he told me he could get me any weapon I wanted if I gave him the materials.

We played the whole event together and now I have a real and trustable friend in Fortnite, which is awesome! The best part is that it started with me doing my part and being a good teammate.

Working tonight and tomorrow, but looking forward to play with him again. And, as the time passes, becoming more and more a Founder and less a BR player.

My lesson for the salty trade kids: Keep playing and stop wasting time trading and doing dumb stuff, you MIGHT get regocnition for that!

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