Why are Outlanders assumed to always be a Farmer?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Why are Outlanders assumed to always be a Farmer?

I have been playing since 9/26/17. I decided to invest in the game and I have No regrets about being a Top Tier Founder. With that being said I've had a few years of playing daily with the exception of the time's I was hospitalized with respiratory failure in 2019. Well normally my favorite build was a Soldier. Then came Hero loadout and new Heroes. I personally have become very fond of Jilly Teacup Under warranty with 100% crit chance against new targets n 5% chance of malfunction doing ridiculous Energy dmg with Happy Holidays Team Perk and the following load 130 StareDown Southie Bear stare firing lasers every 2 seconds deals 23 base Energy Fireflower Eagle Parting gift phase shift leaves a trail of fireworks dealing 3 base dmg per sec Trailblazer Jess Bearserker increases teddy dmg 30% Vanguard Southie Fault line decreases seismic smash cooldown 27% Pathfinder Jess work work increased pickaxes dmg 17% helps with everything from loot llamas to quick farming and destroying a trap placed in accident. My gadgets vary but normally I use turrets and Adrenaline Rush to rev fallen squadmates. I've been account max lvl 310 for around 2 years. I am one of the ones who actually earned my way to twine via the OG system of doing a ridiculous amount of quests. Since my collection book is at lvl 410 I decided it was time to have some fun. Well for the past few weeks everyone assumes that I am either a kid or new because I use Outlanders. Well a few days ago I went to Ventures Mild Meadows zone 124-4 player recommendation which is difficulty x6 Fight category 4 storm and not only was I the lowest level at 113 but I was on xbox one s and out of the other 3-2 were PC 1 was xbox also. Husks were lvl 152s with a boss of 200 I believe. The other 3 were ninjas and a constructor. Well I ofcourse was knocked a few times and not 1 of them would revive me. I was like oh ok its like that? Well the real fun began when they started getting knocked and I ofcourse revived every one of them including their defenders. Well we won and not only did I prove that I wasn't a kid ( my voice should have been proof but I was accused of using a voice change 🤣) well final scores show that The highest level player had 7415 combat 3201 building 1522 Utility (Ninja) 2nd highest level also a (Ninja) had 6037 combat 5736 building 258 Utility bec they kept trying to prevent me from doing anything. The constructor had 5057 combat 6420 building 2426 Utility . As for my scores? Get this 15,005 combat 10,282 building and 934 Utility. Accusations of cheating were made and I couldn't help but laugh because I was literally on the mic trying to explain that I have literally been playing daily for over 3 years. I mean I don't even play wargames and haven't 1 time. To me it's a waste of resources. I have 2196 completed missions and am about to be 100% complete with everything and I will empty my Survivors squad and rearrange them for fun. Basically everyone knocks Outlanders and low levels in these events and forget that not everyone just started playing. I played BR since day 1 9/26/17 and literally didn't get a win in solo until season x 🤣 yes I know im trash. I don't build. I'd rather rush you and lose rather than try to prove my fingers are faster than yours. In the end it only takes 1 shot to win which I've proved several times since season x. I literally will strategically maneuver between camping spots and come out in final 2. Kitbash is my favorite skin to use. We are both trash 🤣. I'm not sure how to post a screenshot of the results or I would to show I'm not joking.


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