why are some newbies so stupid…

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me and my mate are bored so we decide to help some people out with storm shield defences.

we get this one on stonework with a power level 22. His base is VERY bad lmao. We wait for a minute… waiting on him to start when suddenly he sends message to chat, the message read… ‘pls can i have free guns so i can help’

me and my friend didn’t want to give him a gun as we know that would be able to do it easily ourselves and he would have guns that would be fine against the power level 15 husks.

he continued to beg in chat so i decided i would just give him an ol betsie that i never used just to shut him up as well as two other crappy weapons from storm chests.

we’re two waves in and suddenly he starts asking for more guns. he says that the old betsie broke which was complete bullshit and we knew it was. it was legendary power level 82 and half at least durability and the guy only had 200 combat score, there was no way he had used all the durability.

we tell him to shut up and stop begging for guns, but of course he doesn’t stop.

we’re starting to get frustrated at this point because he won’t shut up so we just decide to mess with him so we give the other guy in the game a power level106 siegebreaker. the power level 22 is frustrated and begs for more guns, however by doing this he shot at us with his gun, guess which gun this was however…


the ol fu*king betsie!!

we confront him in chat and he starts changing his story by saying it was about to break and at this point he know he’s 100% bullshiting.

by the final wave he starts asking the other teammate (who was also a quite low power level) for guns as well. i’m very frustrated at this point that he continued to be so ignorant so i tell him to shut up. right at the end of the wave he kicks me from the game and my friend can’t invite me back in time so i don’t get any rewards for it.

i have video proof of him kicking as well as some of the chat but that’s it and this guy needs to be punished. what he did was so ignorant and he wasted 20 minutes of my time.

i hate people who defend low power levels all the time by saying ‘they’re new to the game it’s not their fault’, but it is their fault because they do shit like this. then the low power levels that aren’t retarded get high level then make fun of the the stupid power levels. this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

anyway i’m probably getting lots of downvotes for this but i just wanted to rant because this stuff really pisses me off and forces me to stay away from stomewood, plankerton etc

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