Why don’t we actually utilize those thumbs up/down to give people Karma as mentioned a long time ago?

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TLDR: Epic, implement karma as mentioned a long time ago. Place people with bad karma IN bad karma lobbies and good karma with good karma lobbies. Implement an incentive for providing feedback on players played with by giving x amount of seasonal gold for every x amount of feedbacks (vbucks sounds too much of a reach). GOOD PLAYERS SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE PUNISHED WITH AFKERS, SCAMMERS, OR LEECHES. REWARD US WITH GOOD PLAYERS.

A long time ago, Epic said they would have a Karma system set up as a way to track positive and negative behavior. Players would be able to give thumbs up (which is why we have that currently but from my understanding it doesn't work) or thumbs down. It would relieve Epic of a lot of stress and maybe they could incentivize people to give feedback about players by awarding some seasonal gold maybe every so many feedback submissions such as quests have in the past like doing 2 storm missions (because vbucks sounds like a huge stretch). I know there have been a lot of threads like this, but since we got new players, it needs to be brought up again.

Yes, this can be exploited by having many people report you as a bad player even if you're a good one, but I believe there won't be too many (I assume most false reports will be in stonewood/plankerton). I for one love this proposed idea that Epic originally had and would want it implemented.


I see it as GTA 5 bad sports lobbies and good sports lobbies. Lets say people do taxis to twine/canny in a public server, you are able to give them a thumbs down and reduce their karma even if they are no longer in the missions as we can track a log of all of our recent players. It doesn't even have to be only done after the mission is over because people who scam or drop off don't stay in the lobby. If they receive enough downvotes, they can be placed in a "bad sports" list and only be placed with people in "bad sports" as well. It won't be a forever thing, but it will be like a timeout. Imagine leeches playing with leeches. Afkers playing with afkers. Scammers with scammers. It is not a good time, and it shouldn't be. Why should good players have to deal with other peoples negativity? Why should good players be punished with afkers and all that?


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