Why Epic Games should allow StW players to use BR emotes – a comprehensive list of reasons

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Why Epic Games should allow StW players to use BR emotes - a comprehensive list of reasons

What We Want

I believe that allowing StW players to use emotes that we bought in the BR store would be a great financial decision as well as make the player base happy. Allow me to explain.

Financial decisions

Allowing StW players to use BR emotes would make a dedicated StW player want to spend money on emotes, making them have to buy more V-Bucks to buy llamas. If the ability wasn't there, then they wouldn't want to spend their money on anything other than llamas. Also, it may pull them into BR with the battle pass, and then they want to buy skins, and look where we are it's a high-producing BR player. Seems like Epic could get a lot more money by adding this small feature.

The Fan Base

I, for one, would love to dance with something other than Dance Moves or Ride The Pony. It would make the game more fun, possibly build stronger bonds, and, of course, more money. Seeing someone Behold! a storm chest or throwing tomatoes at annoying AFKers would add that much more to the game. I have seen other posts wanting this feature, and I wholeheartedly agree with them.


How It Would Be Done

In addition to the llamas and the weekly shop, there would be an emote shop, containing the emotes in the BR shop that day. Heck, there could even be some StW exclusive emotes for gold that would be a true test of knowing if someone actually plays. Of course, all emotes already in the locker would transfer. One little snag might be the Ride The Pony emote. It is available in StW as well as being an emote that exists in BR. The work-around I have for that is to just not transfer that emote. Problem solved!

Overall, adding BR emotes to StW would bring Epic more money, as well as make the StW fanbase happier.

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