Why Epic is making a huge mistake by using Road Trip tickets for Birthday Llamas

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Epic, you are fu*king up catastrophically by adding more rewards (the birthday llamas) to the existing event pool. You are setting the precedence that no one should ever use event tickets until the very last moment in case something new gets added. What a competent developer would encourage is for to people spend their tickets as soon as they get them, so they are able to use the new event items immediately and not when the event is over. When you spend tickets you should know that they will never increase in value out of the blue. This has been inadvertently caused and subsequently fixed in many other games after it turns out it's a terrible idea in every case, no one likes it and it does massive harm to your game.


You have even dealt with a similar type of hoarding problem in your own game. I know you understand why players get 90% xp and all materials back when you recycle something. Because when you don't, you end up with the situation that no one wants to use rare heroes temporarily and every point of xp you have to invest in them feels like a punishment (and many other examples). It's essentially the same thing.

If you are one of the lucky ones that is sitting on a pile of Roadtrip Tickets (I'm sitting on a few myself), try being objective here. It's so harmful for the game I can't even describe it to set this precedence. Unless having to wait two months to use any if your tickets every event sounds like a great idea to you of course.

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