Why Fortnite resource gathering gets it so right.

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I made a

that discusses why Fornite Save The World resource gathering and base building is one of the best in modern survival crafting games. I discuss why having purpose and challenge is important for any crafting games and why many games including the biggest titles in a genre get gathering resources wrong. Below there is transcript so there is absolutely no need to watch anything if you don't want in order to participate in discussion.

I wonder what are your opinions here is gathering resources still fun after weeks in the game. I put about 60h and still enjoy it.


Grind, grind never changes. It started with Minecraft and it’s mine design, poor people spend hours if not day s staring at the cubical rocks, other games followed with 2D rocks of Terraria or voxels Space Engineers.

Developers often confuse things that are time consuming with things that are challenging. It’s not a problem unique to survival and crafting games idea of grind is well know to any World of Warcraft or Diablo player. Let’s be honest wasting players time is not fun.

But Grind, grind never changes… or does it?

Some developers will argue that there are players who enjoy the grind because so many players choose to do this. This is ultimately false. Player will always choose optimal strategy even if this is the most boring strategy available in the game. Good developers make games where the most optimal strategy is also a fun one.

We players need to have a sense of accomplishment and that what we do matters.

Fortnite from all things has one of the best resource gathering mechanics I have seen and in this video we are going to analyse why it feels so good. Apar of mindlessly basing with a picaxe player can chase ever moving weak spot for extra damage more resources and faster mining. With this simple game developers added a challenge to otherwise brain dead mechanic. Listen to how satisfying it sounds to destroy the the car in this game.

In fortnite you work with a team and are constrained for time this two factors make gathering resources fast important for your overall success, not only that game rewards you badges for your ability to scavenge environment that then in turn give you better schematics and further help in the game. Every feedback fortnite gives you is reinforcing idea that smashing cars with oversized picaxe is lots of fun let's be honest it is and that’s why this is usually the first thing players do the moment they spawn on the map.


This takes us to other important point in the discussion players don’t want to go mining or tree chopping they want to go on the thrilling expedition and have their skills put to the test. In most games you find resources on the map sit down and suck the patch dry for all it has in relative safety. Not the case in fortnite yes some places are better than others but really good stuff comes with challenge players can even voluntarily increase their mission difficulty to end up with better rewards.

In fortnite you have usually about 15 min to complete the mission. You must make quick strategic decision do I go after steel to make a base safer and help my team succeed should I chasse additional objectives for extra reword at a cost of potential failure for the team or should I scavenge through crates and look for trap and weapon components to make defense easier that way. Each player will go with what their priorities are at the moment.

Not only that but you also try to save some resources to take home with you to protect your homebase so now building comes with decisions and compromises.

To recap players want challenge, danger and meaningful decision making process to feel that they are in control.

Let’s quickly look at few other games that do this feedback loop just right from survival and crafting genre.

Early Project zomboid all the way up to mid game. Each expedition is potential death sentence. Players really know that when their leave protected base. Do you scavenge nearby buildings so you can return home easily multiple times but risk activating alarm and bringing zombie horde straight to your front yard or do you venture further afield and try but risk being cut off from your home base? This Long Dark is another great game that pushes players to risk a lot. Leaving a relative safety of the house is necessary in order to survive. Player will need to leave in order to find food, water and warmth and each trip comes with high risk reward cost. It never feels like a chore because every time it’s a new expedition. Even retrieving some rabbits you cough in a trap can result in meeting eye to eye with hungry wolf attracted by its prey.

More game developers need to put gameplay before realism and focus on creating fun challenging experiences.

Nerds and nerdettes my name is Feniks and this were a reason why in my opinion many of us suffered from survival game fatigue. Feel free to let me know about other great games that get crafting and resource management just right.

As always you can contact me on [email protected] or tweet at feniks_gaming feel free to check my other series and I am looking forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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