Why i enjoyed STW and how i think the game mode can improve better.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Why i enjoyed STW and how i think the game mode can improve better.

Commander’s Log. Twine Peaks. PL 90.

Ive been helping other people’s Storm Shield Defensives. Additionally. I had to say goodbye to A.C. As my new Outlander Main came in and stole his spotlight… My main boy Grizzly.

Grizzly is my type of guy. His Black Leather Jacket is so smooth and clean.. And i guess his Power Perk really helped. Along with Ventura Ramirez and Jilly Teacup- Wait… I wonder what Gold Knox has to say about this one… I wonder if he got jealous as i just dont use him anymore… Hmmm.

On the other hand. I have to admit. But why is the Troll so annoying? Ugh… I dont know. Im gonna smack him with my Driver Pickaxe.

Im gonna go now and find more things. I wonder how Lars is doing at this time frame…


Save the World was my tea since the start of time. It’s been awhile since i made my progression. But. This time. It’s just simple.

Honestly. While i enjoyed the mode. I just think that i want to give some points on how the game can do much better. This applies to both the community and the Development team!

BETTER PERFORMANCE/STABILITY: While i was doing my journies. I kept on encountering some Harsh Frame Drops. Additionally. My Buddies kept on crashing while im in the clear. I dont know how. But the crashes are an issue to my friends. Maybe have some stability first. Gonna need those Stability Improvements.

HEAR US OUT FROM THE COMMUNITY: While i do see that u/EpicBoaty and u/Magyst heard our pleas and such. It is VERY IMPORTANT to have some communication. However. It is important that we (The community) Must show respect to the Developers and the Coordinators. Respect is the priority and the perfect communication can make any fixes happen. While it may be slow. At least it will go better from here.


ADJUST THE UI: While the new one from Dungeons is great and all. Im not happy about this change… When i first started. I usually have some stuff TRACKED in order to see what materials i need to make this Ranged/Melee/Trap Schematic. Additionally. I miss the score bar and the objectives to the RIGHT instead of the left. Talk about the Health, Shield and Energy Bars on the bottom instead of the top… It’s just not right for my perspective.

FIX CERTAIN MISSIONS SUCH AS RETRIEVE THE DATA: I love missions. But some can softlock… Especially in Retrieve the Data. I dont have access to Mission Control when the Timer dosent show up on how much time we have before Evac. And while it softlocks. The storm just keeps shrinking. And it costed some of us loss of progression as we have to restart the mission for some…

And the last thing in my mind… PLEASE, PLEASE DONT LOSE HOPE ON US: While Battle Royale takes the cake. I feel like that Save the World is still in my highest point… The game mode gives me an excuse to LEAVE the toxicity from BR to here. I understand that these updates are soft and small. I just hope that the Development Teams dont lose hope on us… As if they’re taken into the Storm and somehow disappear. I love Save the World alot. And it hurts to see this mode losing it’s touch. I just want at least some potential hope that this mode will continue to grow. And hopefully give some of these players back in here.

I know it’s gruesome to struggle. But dont forget what the pack says… Stand and Fight. I want to continue fighting Zombies and such. And i want to speak out for the Dev team that we. As a community must stand together and give as much support we could. I understand that you all did since Day One. But i know they’re listening. Especially with Feedback.

Commanders. Continue your part. Thank you for everything. Thank you for making me feel welcome to the STW Community. Now let’s continue bashing Zombies.

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