Why I Might Quit Forever?

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Ive been playing this game since early access became available. Theres a lot of concepts about the game and how its evolved that i personally dont agree with. This is not my vision of what fortnite should be.

Ever since BR was released this game has become a nightmare. STW is already in a poor state, but BR made it 10 times worse. I could care less about the trading and scamming, i dont trade so it doesnt affect me. What I care about is just playijg the game when i want to play it. These days though your lucky if you can even complete a mission. With quests forxing you to do specific missions, and many of them being 4 man required difficulties, its really impossible to defend every objective on your own. Just placing a thousand walls to try in survive is horrible way to achieve success.

Somehow Epic Games has created a game no one wants to actively play. The way these noobs play this game is like adventure capitalist, an auto grinder with periodic player interaction on what to spend your resources on.

People going AFK or Leeching are destroying this game for me and many others. When people like me try to power through this annoyance, eventually it gets over whelming. This is not supposed to be a rage game yet it has the worst community I have ever seen. Almost entirely filled with Braggers, Leechers, & AFKers.

I am literally sitting here doing 4 man missions solo. STS event is a leech fest. People pretend like their helping than leave mid way through forcing you to try and solo the rest or lose literally THOUSANDS of resources. I have nearly drained my resources to a point i will not be able to craft a single trap. Quartz and other crystals are far to rare.

Even trying to communicate with players in chat is pointless as they dont care.

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Having to see this almost every single game is extremely frustrating.


This game in its current state is not fun. Its not a problem with power level. Its a problem with the core mechanics of the game and the fact that you can get rewarded for doing nothing. Its not an issue limited to just plankerton just because most of the community is there. Even 100+ PL players AFK in twine. Its a player wide issue.

This isnt going to go away by gating content behind missions, quest progression, or power level.

The core mechanics need to change before the player base actually playing the game quits and no one is able to afk or leech.

Ive made numerous suggestions to improve this game, but greed is clouding judgement. Epic has no experience on the free to play model. They dont know how to create a successful free to play game.

Past Suggestions

Collection Book Rework


Evolving Fortnite


Progression Rework


Flux Changes


Loot Rework, Going Back To The Roots


Pickaxe / Outlander Rework


Support Weapon Addition


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