Why not reward the player for the amount of effort they put into the game?

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Why not reward the player for the amount of effort they put into the game?

First off let me state for the record that I understand that this is a team game and the idea of working together to achieve Save the World bliss. However, due to multiple factors (most of which derive from my teammates being window licking, helmet wearing, gun traders). I feel like I am constantly taken advantage of for being the player who participates the most in the objective.

Quick Example:

Was doing a level 88 4x Schematic XP Deliver the Bomb mission the other day. I enter mission. Immediately I see a message which says "Speed Run?" This gets me on another rant because why do 5% of you players use microphones. The god damn system came with one and communication is important in this game. Anyways, all 4 players agree for a speed run. I was running Dragon Scorch so I immediately go into blue glow collection mode and fill all but one syphon. While doing so I find both A and B objective. At this point no one else has any blueglow save for one guy with a single piece. So now I decide since this is the sequence of completing this objective I need to collect the other 3. I find 2 blue glow syphons and let them auto die. I take all 4 blue glow and deposit. Since I'm there I start to build the tracks. I figure I'm already building it so I might as well just connect it. At this point I see Objective B which has a single tier 1 wall around it. At this point the rage is building and Bruce is having a hard time fighting off the hulk. 4 players agree. 1 does the work. 4 players at the end of this mission get the rewards I sewed. To make a long story short I built trap tunnels on B to top it off just because I wanted to complete it.


That being said you can see how the current reward system rewards everyone for work that most of the time, a few players do the majority of. I'd love to see a player who has a build score of 0 get zero effing rewards in a build the radar grid mission. Or the person who was going balls to the wall on combat get something equivalent to the effort they put into it.

Am I wrong for feeling like this? I get it is a narcissistic viewpoint in a game which is supposed to be team based. But coming from a player who is almost completely done with the game. I feel like it is entirely needed at this point.

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