Why the Report System 2.0 is an insult to the players…

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Why the Report System 2.0 is an insult to the players...

I decided to write this post since the level of afk/griefers/trolls had be increasing lately (always? increasing, perhaps?) with no one to punish them and that in return is driving the good players away from this game which is a catastrophe if you ask me.

So let me tell you why:

A. Waste of Players' Energy: We've been reporting, again and again with no use. Many players lack discipline and the system in return only shows us "we heard you" but not that often anymore. Why not so often lately? Because people stopped reporting altogether.

B. False Hope: Good players reporting abusers is nothing but a false hope. The new system is as empty as it used to be.

C. Lack of Punishment: Those players never stopped doing what they do because there is a lack of punishment. Without anything to fear, anyone could do anything without any consequences.

D. The Good Players are Leaving: I've been hearing people from my friend's list saying that. "StW is a frustrating experience". People just troll/leech/loot with zero interest in the objective. Looting/Materials became the central focus of most players that the game itself lost its soul and purpose as a "Game" that is supposed to be "engaging" and "fun". Instead we're stuck like hamsters in a wheel grinding again and again with no "special" quests/difficulties/carefully made stages/restrictions.


E. Lack of Communication Regarding this Issue: Patches pass by, update videos get released, and there is zero communication about what is going on and why the report system isn't working well.

I'm not saying all that because I'm leaving myself. I just want to draw the attention back to this issue. Which I know that many of you had been posting again and again. I appreciate Epic Games' effort in trying and I understand the difficulties of punishment (e.g. the wrong guys could be punished for false reporting). But the lack of finding a way to fix the issue is frustrating.

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There are different ways to fix it:

  1. Vote to Kick.
  2. Player Hosted Games. You can either join others, or create a game yourself (if you want to have the power to kick) while also showing your intentions (Casual/Max Difficulty/Speed run).
  3. Hire a team that moderate these issues. Use their feedback to create a better automated system.
  4. Husks that leech from afk players and appear in front of active players around the objective. Leeching building mats first, then other mats, if they are out of mats because of the Leech Husk (who looks like a troll btw), then that afk player can no longer play in a public game for XX week(s). The rate of leeching mats increases as the player repeats that offensive behavior. (does not appear in all modes, does not appear in solo/private games).

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