With all the buffs in 5.0, there was one change that broke the perk by accident, perk in question being BASE M.D. of Blitzen Base Kyle.

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - With all the buffs in 5.0, there was one change that broke the perk by accident, perk in question being BASE M.D. of Blitzen Base Kyle.

This'll be long line of text and tests so be ready for it.

I was happy when I saw so many buffs to my secret favorite Blitzen Base Kyle. Decreased Bullrush cost and cooldown (which now makes it 10 second cooldown CC/Damage increase ability), increase to bull crush damage bonus, increased healing from Hearty Blows (yaaaas), 0 cooldown Kinetic Overload which makes Kinetic Overdrive into beast of CC (I'll take it ), but… the most exciting buff I was personally waiting for.. turned out to be severely incorrect. Here is why.

After doing many solo tests where BB Kyle was only hero in squad, and where he was equipped with two other heroes in support and tactical, I've come to conclusion that BASE M.D. healing per instance is not 4%, but miserable 1%…

Here are the test notes.

Blitzen Base Healing Tests Hero Health: 130,152 Healing Modifier: 6.47 No other heroes in support or tactical slots.

BASE M.D. ; 15 base health every 3 seconds (description of perk in game, update 5.0 listed buff of; 2%->4% maximum health, unlisted in perk description?)

  • Constructor at 62,62% health, time taken to regenerate 37,38% health; 1 minute 53-54 seconds.
  • Health changes monitored per tick; 71,128->72,426->73,724->75,021->76,319->77,616->78,914->80,211
  • Healing per tick; 1,298-1,298-1,297-1,298-1,297-1,298-1,297
  • Healing rate per 3 seconds; 130,152 / 1297,5 = 100,309827 / 100 = 1,00309827% per 3 seconds. That would equal ~300 seconds or 5 minutes to heal up. (true rate with currently displayed 15 base health value would be 150 seconds or 2 minutes 30 seconds, which matches the old rate of 2% max health)
  • If the 4% max health value was true, it'd take only 1 minute 15 seconds to get player back to full health if health was as minimal as 1.
  • If the base health value was correct, the healing would twice the amount seen above. (turns out the perk heals only half of the listed base health value of 15.)
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Calculation formula: (Base Healing x Healing Modifier) x Tech + (Base Healing x Healing Modifier) = Healing Received or (15 x 6,47) x 25,74 + (15 x 6,47) = 2,595.117 (when divided by 2 = 1,297.5585. This value matches healing received while I was doing the tests in PL100 zone, easier to be damaged and commit tests with high health enemies, while also having full F.O.R.T. stats active.)


Conclusion: In-game healing per 3 seconds is incorrect, here is why. Displayed base value is 15, but healed base value in-game is actually half of it, BUT if it still was full value, it'd match rate of 2% maximum health per 3 seconds. To match buffed value of 4% maximum health per 3 seconds, Base Health value should be 30. Because 4% maximum health per 3 seconds equates to 100 : 4 x 3 = 75 seconds or 1 minute 15 seconds, where 100 is Full Health Percentage, 4 is Percentage of full health, and 3 is Time.

Actual healing per 3 seconds in current version of the game is 1% of max health.

Additional Notes;

  • With the above values of Tech and Fortitude I also tested effectiveness of Hearty Blows; (49 x 6,47) x 25,74 + (49 x 6,47) = 8,477.3822 health received per 4th strike against enemy. Quite significant buff
  • While patch notes do list "Increased health regen from 2% to 4% of maximum health." (which I wish was true..) it may confuse people because value in game is displayed as Base Health. Why? Because when player reaches maximum of all F.O.R.T. stats with best possible squad of 8 mythic leads in matching jobs with 7 matching legendary survivors for each and maxed research, all stats will be equal.

Conclusive Feedback;

Please fix the BASE M.D. perk's regen value. Hero Inspection menu displays base value of 15 in perks list which is the old one (2% max health), current in-game base value is 7,5 (1% max health…), actual base value should be 30 in both perk list and in-game, which equals to 4% max health regen per 3 seconds.

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