With Horde Bash V2 right around the corner, what are you best tips for the community?

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - With Horde Bash V2 right around the corner, what are you best tips for the community?

Hey guys! So only a small portion of us got to give Horde Bash a go last time around… For those of you who have, what tips do you have to help the community out?

What can/should players be doing right now to plan ahead?

Horde Bash is all about limited resources and being as efficient as possible. You are only allowed to bring in Heroes, Defenders and Schematics. No weapons. No Materials. As you progress, you will obtain more materials to work with. With that being said, here are some of my personal tips:

  • Start hunting down a Shuriken Master Sarah! This is at the top of my list, due to the low amount of resources to craft guns, Ability Focused heroes are your best bet….SMS grants ability DMG buffs.

  • Work on getting a excellent Ability Focused Hero! There are countless Ability Heroes that will help you progress; Carbide, MGR, SMS, Dragon Scorch, Enforcer, Reclaimer/Frag Flurry, Skirmisher, Heavy Base and many more! Using abilities means you don't have to use ammo / weapons!

  • Get a crew of friends ready and start pre-planning who will focus what. Horde Bash is great when you have a team instead of going in solo.

  • Start prepping low tier weapons now. This kinda ties in with the above tip. Plan who will focus what class of weapons. Try to have a Pistol, Assault, Shotgun/Sword and an Energy weapon amongst your team. Each of those classes will pull from a different source….Twine with Pistols, Mech Parts for ARs, etc..

  • Taking the previous tip and go 1 step further. Try to focus weapons with piercing to conserve ammo (Rare Bolt Bolt is a great example!) Also try to have weapons that use different ammo types so you and your crew can be efficient in ammo use.

  • Final addition to schematics…which I should have stated first, make sure weapons are of low rarity (Blue, Green, Grey) you "Should" already have legendary that require Power Cells. You will only get a few throughout Horde Bash so using low rarity will help you have a schematic you can actually craft more often. I advise having all Rare schematics (Blue) and have a couple at different tiers. Try having at least a level 10/10 Rare Schematic and a 20/20 Rare schematic.

  • Okay…another addition, start working on Re-Perk / Perk-up on those schematics. Remember you can always transform Rare schematics with attempts to get better base rolls before having to change them…same with collection book stuff…only 20 v bucks to pull on out. I don't plan on going higher than Rare perks on all my schematics I plan on using for this event.

  • Last but not least….two perks you should highly consider running on EVERY schematic you plan on using for this event…Durability and Energy. Durability for obvious reasons…the weapon will last longer (Being only Rare schematics means they wont last long as is) and Energy…We wont be able to run 3 weapons of different elements…so Energy is the safest way to go! Keep in mind, on your Tier 1 weapons 10/10 you will be unable to use the lv 15 Element Perk roll.

Thanks for reading! If you had the pleasure of playing Horde Bash last year, please feel free to post any tips to help players prep. ALL tips are based on the previous Horde Bash event…things may change…but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Happy Husk Hunting!

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