With the upcoming report feature, how about a Karma/Honor system?

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The reason why I'm bringing this up is because it's a system that always works, not for everyone but it will definitely affect a large portion of the player base.

After each game is completed players can award each other with "badges" or "marks", let's say there are three different badges, Building, Fighting, Utility, these points can be observed by other players in-game, also they should have diminishing returns with a (months cooldown?) considering some players will vote on their friends over and over again.

How to get cranky people to vote, each week have a rotation of a small token of gratitude for giving out votes to other players, maybe 5 drops, 3 bottles, 2 eyes or 1 shard, depending on player level or maybe even personal preference.


This will be an amazing system for people to get an idea on which kind of players we are going to have to deal with, let's say I join a game and I see that each player here's got alot of points in Utility and Fighting, that might give me a good hint that maybe I should get going with building the base while they save survivors and do other side quests etc.

I could go on for ages talking about a system like this, how about implementing a certain shop with tiers that will unlock skins, weapons etc for the most liked and well deserved players in game that they can buy with points accumulated by getting votes and just being a General stand up player.

Just wanted to get the idea itself out there, I don't see anything wrong with encouraging players by all means to be the best they can even if they fake it for making points, can and still will give more people a pleasant experience.

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