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As the title says, just a tiny vent to share my woes from being a Constructor main, so not a full rage rant. I don't play the other classes except Recon Scout A.C. Outlander when solo farming in private. Sub-class wise, I usually default to always playing Sentry Gunner Krampus with the very occasional Ice King (Hotfixer) and all the other Kyle-variants (I'm a Kyle fan!) except Heavy Base and Hazard the 13th as I'm still missing them.



  • I understand that we are called Constructors, but we can't build everything all the time. I'm aware it's not only Constructors that are always "forced" to do this, but I see this happen almost all the time when I'm in a mission and typically I'm the only Constructor in the lobby. Building, upgrading structures, and placing traps alone is very resource heavy and our shared class passive Creative Engineering, even when stacked with the (nerfed) Pre-Planning Support Perk, doesn't help much when it comes to building/upgrading. I don't mind farming in private later, but using so many resources at once all the time usually makes me have to farm after just 1-3 defense missions to stay stocked up. I would love to farm a bit and do some missions after I'm done building, but as soon as I leave the objective with my defense all nice and built feeling like I did a job well done (despite using so much of my own materials)…someone starts the mission, so I gotta stop whatever I'm doing and quickly go help. Helping me build and/or upgrade is very much appreciated. Sharing some resources and materials would be nice too especially if I built the entire defense alone.
  • However, that being said, do keep in mind what you build. If I see you start building first, I will gladly help build, upgrade structures, and place traps when possible! Just try not make a lot of "sandwiches" (a cube with stairs or ramp inside) usually all topped with small pyramid roofs around the objective as a defense and that's it. Granted, not every mission has to have some elaborate design with traps, tunnels, (inverted) pyramids, etc. when just shooting the husks is enough to pass, but the "sandwich fort" really becomes a problem when it's hard to navigate and just T1. This also goes for building over my defense and traps with more "sandwiches" or just plain destroying stuff I build. I won't destroy your stuff if you build over mine as you may have a better idea than me, but it will hurt me a bit on the inside after all my hard work… ;-;
  • Please let trap tunnels do their thing. I've built them to make it easier for us so we could focus on the bigger threats and save ammo. Just keep some distance and shoot if they get too close to the objec-…was that a grenade I saw flying toward the tunnel with a propane tank inside…? *BOOM* Sigh** There goes that tunnel…
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  • A bit nit-picky, but there's a reason I build a flat top (usually surrounded with walls and a roof) somewhere on top of the objective. I want to get the best coverage for my B.A.S.E. ability to cover the fort. Please stop trying to destroy it behind my back or right in front of me then build the spot over with a small pyramid. The B.A.S.E. helps defend. I won't retaliate and just find a different spot to place it but if you continue to destroy it…then I don't know what to say.
  • On the other hand, please don't camp (and admire) the B.A.S.E. for resources…even when I'm not playing Hotfixer or Power Base so you just assume the B.A.S.E. will generate building resources when I'm probably playing something like Sentry Gunner or Warden.

Sentry Turret:

  • I won't deny using the Sentry Turret is fun to use, even if it is a little lackluster as an ability, but I would like to use my own ability too. Stop trying to hog it as soon as I spawn it or leave the seat then you just stay there until you use all the ammo…even if when you're getting blasted which is probably the reason why I hopped off. This also goes for pickaxing the floor the Sentry Turret was placed on to destroy it or building walls in my line of sight while I'm using it to just be rude.

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