Wooden Floor Spikes: Rare vs Legendary, with math and stuff you should consider for perks and usage.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Wooden Floor Spikes: Rare vs Legendary, with math and stuff you should consider for perks and usage.

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The following write-up takes a look at the performance of Wooden Floor Spikes (Rare vs Legendary) in a way that is actually meaningful for players. As a result, it is going to be severely biased in certain respects. It is intentionally written this way (to keep things short). To do a proper breakdown on a material consumption/cost basis would be tedious to write, boring as hell and likely never truly relevant as far as general gameplay is concerned.


Trap Planks Twine Herbs Adhesive Resin Nuts & Bolts Powder Bacon
Wooden Floor Spikes (Rare) 6 2 3 1
Wooden Floor Spikes (Legendary) 8 2 6 2
Ceiling Gas Trap (Legendary) 7 11 2 1


I'm going to deliberately put emphasis on the cost of herbs (whilst ignoring the rest of the materials). Fundamentally the more you 'gather' resources from around the map (regardless of how you do it) the more you'll be happy to consume, but if we assumed an infinite resource scenario then you'd always pick the legendary trap 100% of the time (defeating the point of looking at material costs in the first place).

  • Legendary Wooden Floor Spikes cost double the herbs (of Rare)

Damage Output/Math

I need to note that the base 'crit damage' bonus for a critical hit on wooden floor spikes is (per the UI) about +10% damage. Wooden Floor Spikes only have a base critical hit chance of 5% to begin with.


Excluding the Element: Physical perk slot

  • You have 3 perks to work with for increasing damage (Rare)
  • You have 4 perks to work with for increasing damage (Legendary)
  • Rare traps could have: x3 damage perks, or swap out the damage for up to: x2 crit rating or x1 crit damage.
  • Legendary traps could have : x4 damage perks, or swap out the damage for up to x2 crit rating or x2 crit damage.


  • x1 crit rating perk = 33% critical hit chance
  • x2 crit rating perks = 46% critical hit chance
  • x1 crit damage perk = 145% crit damage bonus
  • x2 crit damage perk = 280% crit damage bonus


The following example shows the math (no rounding applied) if you were to compare Rare vs Legendary Traps, at 4 star 40/40 with 3,000 tech, and assuming all perks were set to damage perks, where possible. The Legendary trap gets x1 additional 30% damage perk (compared to the Rare).

Var Type Rare Legendary Rare (Numbers) Legendary (Numbers) Leg / Rare
A BaseDamage + EvolutionDamage 15 * 1.6 18 * 1.6 24 28.8 1.2
B 1 + (SchematicLevel-1) * 0.05 1 + (40-1) * 0.05 1 + (40-1) * 0.05 2.95 2.95 1
C 1 + Tech/100 + SurvivorBonuses 1 + (3000/100) + 0 1 + (3000/100) + 0 31 31 1
D 1 + HeroBonuses + SchematicBonuses 1 + 0 + (0.44 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.3) 1 + 0 + (0.44 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.3 + 0.3) 2.34 2.64 1.128205128
E Result = A * B * C * D A * B * C * D A * B * C * D 5135.832 6953.1264 1.353846154


I'll come back and discuss these numbers later.


From a gameplay perspective, under normal conditions (no additional snares) any given wooden floor spike is likely to hit a husk twice (at best) before it walks off the tile. If we assume 2 hits from any given tile, then based on the crit chance.

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5% Crit Chance

Hits Crits Occur (x/4) Probability
2 1 90.25%
1 1 2 9.50%
2 1 0.25%


33% Crit Chance

Hits Crits Occur (x/4) Probability
2 1 44.89%
1 1 2 44.22%
2 1 10.89%


46% Crit Chance

Hits Crits Occur (x/4) Probability
1 1 2 49.68%
2 1 29.16%
2 1 21.16%


The following numbers mix/match the various perk combinations for the Rare Wooden Floor Spikes, assuming same conditions as earlier (3,000 tech, 4 star 40/40)

Var x3:Dmg, x0:cDmg, x0:cRating x2:Dmg, x0:cDmg, x1:cRating x1:Dmg, x1:cDmg, x1:cRating x1:Dmg, x0:cDmg, x2:cRating x0:Dmg, x1:cDmg, x2:cRating
A 24 24 24 24 24
B 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.95
C 31 31 31 31 31
D 2.34 2.04 1.74 1.74 1.44
Hit 5135.832 4477.392 3818.952 3818.952 3160.512
Crit 5649.415 4925.131 9356.432 4200.847 7743.254
Crit % 5% 33% 33% 46% 46%
x2 Hits 10271.664 (90.25%) 8954.784 (44.89%) 7637.904 (44.89%) 7637.904 (29.16%) 6321.024 (29.16%)
x1 Hit, x1 Crit 10785.2472 (09.50%) 9402.5232 (44.22%) 13175.3844 (44.22%) 8019.7992 (49.68%) 10903.7664 (49.68%)
x2 Crits 11298.8304 (00.25%) 9850.2624 (10.89%) 18712.8648 (10.89%) 8401.6944 (21.16%) 15486.5088 (21.16%)


As mentioned earlier this is a biased write-up with emphasis on herbs. Keep that in mind.


When looking at the output of Rare vs Legendary traps, when all perks are set to %damage perks

  • The legendary trap does ~ 35.38% more damage
  • The legendary trap costs twice the amount of herbs.
  • For +35.38% damage (per hit) you're paying +100% herbs.


Considering that 'herbs' are the most annoying to gather component of a wooden floor spike (in that you can't just go around pick-axing/punching terrain) and that you actually need to gather/open plants that seems like a really bad trade-off. You're doubling the herb cost to get slightly over a 1/3 extra damage per trap activation. Any herbs you spend on wooden floor spikes also means you cannot spend them on a gas trap.

  • If you craft 7 Rare wooden floor spikes (instead of Legendary) you 'save' 21 herbs
  • 21 herbs can be used to make x3 legendary gas traps (7 herbs per trap)


The primary purpose of using wooden floor spikes to begin with is to get the benefit of the 30% snare/slow effect (which stacks with other snare/slow effects). Stacking snares against regular husks gives you values that roughly look like this

Speed Time Per Tile
No Snares 1.714285714
15% Snare 2.016806723
30% Snare 2.448979592
45% Snare 3.116883117
60% Snare 4.285714286
75% Snare 6.857142857
90% Snare 17.14285714


If you have more time to attack the target (and you do attack the target) then the actual damage per trap becomes a lot less important (since you can obtain damage from alternative sources, if you have the time to perform the attacks).

Under the assumption that people wouldn't find it worthwhile to use Legendary wooden floor spikes (due to the trade off between herbs vs damage) I listed various perk combinations you could achieve with the Rare versions, and the probability of the damage (on a 2 hit basis). There is no inherently 'right or wrong' way to perk your traps, it just depends on whether you're willing to take risks. You need to keep in mind that 'damage done' is cumulative (from all sources), that a husk dies once the health reaches zero and 'overkill' is simply wasted damage.

  • If you're relying on a crit (and it doesn't happen) that might cost you in the sense that (the living husk) might then trigger another trap)
  • If you're not relying on crit then you're guaranteed a minimum, reliable amount and you can calculate that (in the worst case scenario, a husk is guaranteed to die after x attacks).
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Personally (how I play, how I gather materials and the rate at which I gain them) I can't justify using Legendary Wooden Floor Spikes. They cost twice as many herbs for about a 35% increase in reliable damage (it's different if you want to gamble with crits since you can pick up an extra crit damage perk, I haven't included that in this write-up, but you should be able to figure it out fairly easily).


Having x2 Mythic Leads and Full Legendary Survivors would give you ~ 3236 tech (you could get more if you had mythic survivors). 3,000 tech and 4 star 40/40 is a realistic reference point for a 'solo player' going around Twine Peaks.


People are very unlikely to use a single wooden floor spike (you'd generally place a few of them in a row, in the husks direction of travel) so having a two hit example is a little misleading (as far as cumulative crit damage is concerned) but I needed to establish a frame of reference. If you stack enough snares to trap a really tanky husk (like Smasher, Mini-Boss) on a single tile like this then you'd get a lot more value out of a non-pure damage build (the more 'hits' in total, the greater opportunity for the crit build to shine). It ultimately comes down to whether a husk lives long enough (and takes enough damage) for a pure damage build to lose out to the randomness of crits in cumulative damage.

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